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We have written mulch blogs before, but not like this. We wanted to provide a different look into why you should be mulching, especially now during the spring season. So, today we will be discussing seven

reasons why you should be mulching. 

Before we begin, we want to remind you that the Marathon Lawn Care team provides mulching services throughout the great state of Texas. So, get in touch with us now if you need mulch or any other type of lawn care service! 

Let’s begin to marvel over mulch! 

Bringing Fertilizer to the Next Level

Your fertilizer does the crucial job of bringing nutrients to your soil, as well as to the roots of all your plants, flowers, trees, and grass. But what if you could enhance your fertilizer even more with something stunning and nutritious?

Mulch is made out of organic material such as bark or grass clippings and provides your soil with similar nutrients that fertilizer does. It also provides your soil some things that fertilizer cannot offer! The mulch slowly breaks down but continuously provides those wonderful nutrients to the roots, saving you some money when it comes to fertilizer.

Blocking Out the Sun

What happens to your skin when you become overly exposed to the Sun’s UV rays? Ouch – get out the aloe vera because you’ve been burned, my friend, and you’re going to need it for that red skin!

Your soil isn’t that different from your skin when it comes to UV rays. The sun tends to dry it out and prevent moisture from sticking around. Moist soil is one of the most vital parts of maintaining your plants and ensuring they grow, are healthy, and ultimately thrive.

Mulch helps keep in the required temperature of your soil, controlling it to make sure it is cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

The Hero We Didn’t Know We Weeded

While you are motivated to grow your plant life, such as your trees, shrubs, and beautiful flowers, you are most likely less motivated to grow a garden full of disgusting weeds. Whether you run the risk of chickweed or henbit on your lawn or in your garden, weeds are hard to get rid of and a complete problem on your property.

Enter the unsung hero – mulch! Mulch does a fantastic job at making sure there is no room for weeds to invade your lawn, garden, or landscape.

Bringing Shade into a Shady Situation

Bare soil is eyes without shades. While plants and trees need the warm sun rays to consume, they receive that type of energy through the leaves and stems of the plant life.

Roots need to be allowed some time away from the sun and its rays to retain all the nutrients that the soil keeps fresh for them to continue growing. Mulch provides a natural “shade” from the sun for the seedlings buried deep within the soil of your lawn, allowing them an opportunity to receive the water and air that are required for them to grow and flourish.

All You Need is Time

Providing free time to yourself, especially these days, is a value that is considered to be priceless. Spending time enjoying your beautiful lawn and landscape is treasured and can build exceptional memories. Taking time away from yourself and your family or friends just to care for your lawn can be frustrating.

When it comes to saving time, mulch is a hero again. As we have discussed previously, it offers shade where it’s needed. Mulch keeps moisture locked in and the temperature just right, saving you time when it comes to things like a watering schedule or measuring what your soil is doing. Weeds tend to be less of an issue with the help of mulch, so you aren’t using your time taking care of weeds either. Mulch does things, eliminating time from your lawn care and putting time back into your friends, family, and yourself, where your time should be spent. 

Keep the Green, In your Wallet!

Once you have decided, picked out, and applied some attractive mulch options on your property, you already start to benefit. You should be able to see some differences in the overall colors and health of your flowers, shrubs, and plants right away after the application of mulch. However, there are even more benefits getting received beneath the soil that you won’t be able to see.

When a nice thick layer of mulch is covering your landscape, your soil can keep and preserve the right amount of water, which is an essential benefit for your property. With mulch laid down on your lawn, it is less likely that water buildup and puddles will occur, and so your soil will be able to drain better and more efficiently, saving you money on maintenance and services long term.

Environmentally Friendly Mulch

Let’s take a minute to discuss the fantastic benefits of inorganic mulch: 

  • Needs to be replaced less frequently
  • Works well when it comes to preventing weeds 
  • Looks amazing!

While inorganic mulch is a better effect on your wallet long term, organic mulch reigns supreme at being green.

Because organic mulch is natural, you are allowed to renew, reuse, and recycle. This happens because it breaks down and feeds the earth what it has taken from it, creating a wonderful circle of life.

Marathon Lawn Care can do so mulch for your property! (Sorry! We needed at least one mulch pun!) If you reside in Austin, Cedar Park, or Leander, we also provide lawn maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, and more! Also, we also serve the following communities within the region:

  • Cat Hollow
  • Scofield Farms
  • Wells Branch
  • Anderson Mill West
  • Village at Anderson Mill
  • Mesa Park
  • Rattan Creek
  • Hunters Chase
  • Milwood
  • Northwood
  • Old Millwood

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