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If you have an irrigation system for your home or business, you need it to run smoothly. The whole reason you installed it, most likely, is so it would save you time and money. But in order to keep your system running smoothly, you need irrigation repair and irrigation maintenance.


Why do you need a professional to regularly repair and maintain your irrigation system? Here are a few ways professional irrigation repair and maintenance can actually pay for itself in savings!


Prevents and Fixes Leaks

Leaks are a huge waste of water and money. Professional irrigation maintenance can anticipate and fix leaks quickly. Because lawn experts are regularly checking your entire system, they can see when pipes, hoses, or other parts are wearing down and may cause a leak soon. 


Plus, some leaks happen underground. Without an expert who knows what they’re looking for, you may not detect a leak for weeks or months. And just one leaky pipe can waste as much as 129,000 gallons of water per month. That’s a huge drain on your entire system and irrigation budget. With irrigation maintenance and repair, an expert can save you money you didn’t know you were wasting.


Improve Overall Efficiency

You don’t have time to check on your irrigation system as regularly as needed, or the knowledge to know how to improve it. With professional irrigation repair and maintenance, you can rest easy knowing all the little details that make a big difference in efficiency are taken care of.


For example, your lawn experts can regularly check to make sure sprinkler heads are turned away from areas you don’t want watered. They can make sure the arcs and range of sprinklers stay at the most effective range so you can cover a larger area in less time. Again, replacing broken or wearing parts quickly ensures the entire system is running at maximum efficiency.


Install and Monitor Electronics

Electronic regulation for irrigation systems is an increasingly popular way to monitor your system and save you money. Weather sensors on your system can detect when it’s about to rain and notify you so you can save water. Many systems have mobile apps available so you can get weather updates and turn your irrigation system off from your phone. What a powerful way to maximize your system’s efficiency!


Professional irrigation maintenance can help you find opportunities to implement electronic regulations into your system. Your lawn experts can advise you on the systems that would be most beneficial for you and keep an eye on them regularly to make sure they’re running properly. Your entire system can be smarter and more effective with irrigation maintenance and repair.


It may seem insignificant and unnecessary, but irrigation repair and maintenance can go a long way in saving you time and money – the whole reason you have an irrigation system to start with!

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