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Last week we gave you a glimpse into what proper lawn care looks like throughout the year. Now, we want to focus on some bad practices to avoid when caring for your lawn. These are common, but preventable mistakes people make on a regular basis all year round. Keep in mind that some of these mistakes we are mentioning might not happen right now because the season doesn’t permit for it. Like the last blog, these are topics to think about for the entire year. Don’t worry! Everybody makes mistakes. We are here to help you skip them and get the results you want for your lawn!

While a variety of errors can be made when handling your lawn care, we are discussing the most common ones below. Please be aware that there are more mistakes you can make, and if you are fully comfortable doing your own lawn care, you should continue to research the topic.  

1. Too Much Mowing

Imagine going to a haircutter and they take too much off the top… that cringy feeling that runs through your body. 

shorter grass

You instantly know that it is going to take much longer to grow back. That is the exact feeling your lawn has when you cut or mow it too short. For some reason, people think that mowing their lawn excessively will save them time and energy by trimming or cutting the grass shorter. They assume this leads to less mowing. NO! NO! NO! When this happens, you can actually  damage your grass by shortening the roots, which does not allow them to absorb the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Grass does best when it is trimmed to height somewhere between two and a half to three inches. You must not remove more than a third of the height of your grass in one attempt of mowing or cutting it

2. Put that Grass…Where? 

Another common misconception is that people assume they can grow grass wherever they want. Most people try to grow grass in dry, patchy, shady areas of their lawn. We are here to tell you that there is a reason why the shady areas of your lawn have dead grass, and are dry and patchy. The answer is not to try to continue to grow grass there. People waste time, resources, and money in their attempts. The reason why the grass is not growing in the shady areas is because there is not enough sunlight for your grass to grow. If you want to add greenery to a shady spot, you should consider looking into ground covers that will be successful in low-sunlight areas. 

3. Too Much Fertilizer

Fertilizer is vitally important to your lawn! It helps your lawn grow and strengthens your grass.  It also helps your grass fight weeds. Most of the common mistakes of fertilizing involve doing it during the wrong seasons. (Check previous blogs for the proper seasons to fertilize your lawn.) It is a good practice to think about fertilizing your lawn when your grass is actually growing. The term “less is more” is accurate when it comes to fertilizer. Adding too much fertilizer to your lawn does not allow the roots to grow properly, and can actually lead to burning the lawn. Most lawns require anywhere between four and six applications of fertilizer for the year. Make sure you do it in the right season and apply the correct amount. 

4. The Thirst is Real…

the safe way to water your lawn

YES! You can overwater your lawn. You can also under-water your lawn. The safe way to water your lawn is to stick to the standard that says your lawn requires an inch of water weekly. Please keep in mind that you have to take into account local rainfall and the weekly amount of rain. If you do not have an irrigation system that tells you how much water your lawn needs, remember that grass prefers to be watered less, but wants the water to hit the roots. Your grass doesn’t really require a small pool of shallow water to swim in. Of course, if your lawn doesn’t look healthy and have a vibrant green color, make sure to check with a professional about the proper water levels your grass requires. You do not want your lawn to dry out, especially in warmer temperatures. 

5. Honorable Mentions

The common mistakes people make with lawn care are the ones mentioned above. However, there are some other ones to avoid. Please make sure you do not add too much herbicide to your lawn. Killing weeds is important, but we recommend not overdoing it on the herbicide. Another mistake people make occurs during aeration. Try not to aerate during dry conditions or during the wrong time of year. (Keep up to date with aeration with our other blogs.) You also do not want your lawn to be moist after you aerate your lawn. Also with aeration, make sure you use the right equipment. You must also know how to use the machine so you do not accidentally damage your lawn or turf. 

We hope that you found this blog useful. We know that we are in the winter season and have some cooler temperatures. Many of these mistakes do not occur in the current season. However, we think it is important that you know about  these mistakes ahead of time so you are prepared. Again, if you are unsure and do not want to make mistakes, or have questions, we are here for you, year round! 

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