make your lawn pop with the pros

Leave It to the Pros

What are some general good points of having my lawn maintained?  If you have a big yard that’s primarily just one big stretch of grass, it may not have crossed your mind that landscaping equipment does still cause pollution of sorts. Big ones like mowers and trimmers can contribute to this air pollution; however, many…

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lawn mowing

4 Things Your Property Needs to Be Perfect!

This week’s blog is going to focus on perfecting your property for you! We want you to be “the hostess with the mostest” for your family and friends this summer! Part of that role includes offering a fantastic spot for entertaining. After COVID pretty much ruined last summer, social events need to make a major…

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Reasons Why You Should Mulch

7 Reasons Why You Should Mulch ASAP

We have written mulch blogs before, but not like this. We wanted to provide a different look into why you should be mulching, especially now during the spring season. So, today we will be discussing seven reasons why you should be mulching.  Before we begin, we want to remind you that the Marathon Lawn Care…

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pet-friendly outdoor space

Making a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Space

This week there are two big days celebrating pets. April 26th is National Kids and Pet Day, and April 30th being National Adopt a Pet Day! Due to our love of animals and the pet-friendly national week, we thought it would be an opportune time to write a blog dedicated to our pets!  First of…

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