prevent weeds from forming on your lawn

Texas Weed Control

It’s springtime and the season for weeds is upon us. Since everything is bigger in Texas, it is safe to say we have the biggest weeds growing in Texas as well.  Now, please do not be alarmed by the title of this blog. This article is about weeds growing on our lawn and landscapes and…

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10 Landscaping Mistakes

Top 10 Landscaping Mistakes

The blog this week is going to discuss the most common landscaping mistakes. Believe it or not, there are many more mistakes than the ones we will mention in this blog.  With that said, there may be another blog in the future that will cover the remaining landscaping mistakes, but for now, we are sticking…

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best way to remove weeds

How to Rejuvenate Your Lawn This Spring

The weather is getting nice, and the crisp spring air is circulating. We are approaching peak season for our lawn. Now is the time you should be looking to rejuvenate your lawn and bring it back to its full potential. Now we do not have a secret cream or formula for you, and we are…

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the benefits of trimming

Trimming 101: Hedges and Shrubs

We hope we did not frighten you when you saw the first part of this blog’s title. Do not worry. This is not a blog about trimming anything other than your landscape. You have to watch those extremely weird commercials if you plan on trimming anything else. It’s not just us, right? Those commercials are…

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spring-ready lawn

How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Spring

March is here. Spring is approaching. Baseball season is about to begin, and spring training has started. With that said, we decide to give you some spring training. Today’s blog is going to discuss preparation methods for your lawn to get it spring-ready.  If it helps, think of yourself as a member of the Houston…

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Pruning is so important

Why Is Pruning so Important?

If you want to know about pruning your shrubs, hedges, or trees, this is the blog for you. We will be discussing what pruning is, why you should do it, how you can do it safely, and more. Stick with us, and soon you’ll feel like you have a Ph.D. in pruning. Unfortunately, we cannot…

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types of fertilizer

Fun with Fertilizer

In an ode to the hysterical TV comedy, Big Bang Theory, this blog’s title is reminiscent of Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags.” The show’s popular character would host random podcasts and provide history or information about flags from different countries. Similar to that, this blog will give you all the information you need to know…

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