pet-friendly outdoor space

Making a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Space

This week there are two big days celebrating pets. April 26th is National Kids and Pet Day, and April 30th being National Adopt a Pet Day! Due to our love of animals and the pet-friendly national week, we thought it would be an opportune time to write a blog dedicated to our pets!  First of…

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spring lawn care needs

Top Tips for Spring Lawn Care!

If you have read our last three or so blogs, you know that we are constantly saying spring is here. We say this because it is what we look forward to most in this kind of green industry. It is peak season and the season where all services and anything to do with lawn care…

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best way to remove weeds

How to Rejuvenate Your Lawn This Spring

The weather is getting nice, and the crisp spring air is circulating. We are approaching peak season for our lawn. Now is the time you should be looking to rejuvenate your lawn and bring it back to its full potential. Now we do not have a secret cream or formula for you, and we are…

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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming! Here in Austin you can actually keep your lawn vibrant during the winter months with a few adjustments to your usual lawn care.    Keep the Consistency Many people assume they should stop lawn care during the winter. But your lawn is active, growing, and alive, but to thrive it needs care…

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