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We all know that feeling when you’re passing by a neighbor’s front yard that looks like it’s straight up from the cover of a home magazine! This is the landscape design we all strive to have, and it can be a reality. 


With the right landscape design professional, your home can be the house on the block that steals the spotlight. So, why is it so important to hire a professional? Here are some reasons you should consider:

You can see your options

Like most things in life, planning is essential – even when planning out your landscape design. For a “DIY-er” who’s never landscaped before, it may be hard to envision what specific plants will look good and where they should go. 


When hiring a professional, they often can draw out what the landscape design will look like beforehand and help you decide what works best for you. They not only help bring your ideas to life, but they can help you create a cohesive layout that looks great and works for your space. 

You can get the right systems

If you’re investing time and money into a beautiful landscape design, you want to keep it looking beautiful down the road, too. Installing an irrigation system is a great way to keep your landscape full and healthy in a way that’s easy for you. 


A professional can help you find an irrigation system and system components that best meet your needs. After you choose the system you prefer, they can also install it for you – making your life easier.

You can stay on budget

One of the biggest pain-points of landscape design is going off budget. When a first-time landscaper makes mistakes or pitfalls, it can lead to spending way more money than they had intended. Mistakes happen and are normal, but you want to avoid them since they can cause your pockets to hurt.


A landscape design professional can guide you in the right direction so you only have to buy what you need. They can not only maximize your budget but help you stick to the plan and make it work. 


Whether you have a green thumb or not, landscape design is no simple task! It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to find what will work and look the best. A great landscape design professional will help you and keep you informed along every second of the way. 


Our team at Marathon Lawn Care is ready to help you transform your landscaping!


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