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March is here. Spring is approaching. Baseball season is about to begin, and spring training has started. With that said, we decide to give you some spring training. Today’s blog is going to discuss preparation methods for your lawn to get it spring-ready. 

If it helps, think of yourself as a member of the Houston Astros or Texas Rangers, and you are participating in spring training. We will tell you everything you need to do to your lawn before spring is here in Texas. We are going to treat these preparations as today’s starting lineup. 

How does raking help my lawn? 

Batting first is “The Rake.” His job as the leadoff batter is to get us started and get on base. He is known for his speed as well. Before your lawn can start to get prepped for spring, it needs to be raked. Raking off the remaining leaves for the fall and grass blades that did not last through the winter is the first step in your prep. 

When should I overseed my lawn?

Hitting second is Overseeding. The purpose of hitting second is to move the runner into a scoring position or get on on-base if the leadoff batter did not. When you overseed your lawn, you fill in the thin, bald, or bare spots on your lawn and try to bring them back to their vibrant green colored. 

How does Aeration help my lawn?

Batting third is the Aerator. With a connection to the second batter overseeding, this two-three punch should put us in a good position to score this inning. Aeration is vital for a healthy lawn. It fights against compacted soil and allows it to open up so that your soil’s roots can get the nutrients and water it needs to survive. It is also done alongside overseeding so that it too can reach the roots of the soil. 

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Backing cleanup is “The Fertilizer.” The crucial, heavy-hitter that is expected to bring in all the men on base with a solid hit into the gap or a home run into the seats. The spring is an essential time to fertilize your lawn (Fall is another time to fertilizer). A slow-release fertilizer is often recommended and is a good mix for the spring season as it helps break down nutrients over time, allowing you to wait longer between applications. 

lawn for the Spring

When is the best time to dethatch my turf? 

Batting fifth and backing up fertilizer is Dethatch. His job is to bring home the people on base if Fertilizer did not do his job. Springtime is the right to dethatch your turf as it is the perfect time to ensure that there is no new damage and call to remove decayed material.

What kind of herbicide is right for my lawn? 

Batting sixth is Weeds, aka herbicide. While also a strong hitter, it is often that he will also hit with men on base or lead off an inning, so he was to be always ready. Choosing the right herbicide can be a tough decision. Make sure you do your research, ask professionals, and pull as many weeds out of the lawn before applying any herbicide. When you decide on the right herbicide for your lawn and family, make sure you apply it during the day. 

How often should I water my lawn? 

Hitting seventh or “second cleanup hitter” is H20. He is the second-best hitter on the team, so you want him deeper in the lineup to make sure your lineup is consistent and dangerous in all positions. You want to water your lawn about an inch a week. You have to consider the amount of rainfall for that week as you do not want to over-water or under-water your lawn. In Texas, especially, you want to make sure you water your lawn in the morning, giving it time to dry during the afternoon when the sun hits your lawn most and when the temperature is warmest. This is because you do not want your water to remain in puddles or your lawn to stay wet into the night. After all, it runs the risk of disease. 

Have often should I mow my lawn? 

Hitting eighth is Mow (the w is silent). Mow’s job is to extend the inning and get on base and bring in any runners that may be left after all our power hitters have batted. You want to mow your lawn consistently. However, you want your lawn’s height to be around 2.5-3 inches to be in the best shape it can be, so if your lawn is at that height, you do not have to mow it. You want to make the right trims and cuts while mowing your lawn to keep it healthy all season long. 

How to prepare my lawn for the Spring? 

You might notice that the last question is really the title of this blog. That is because hitting ninth is the second leadoff hitter on the team, and even though he is hitting last, he is essential and just as good and quick as everyone else. Hitting ninth is the “Pro.” You must ask for help during this process. There is an awful lot of information and to-dos on this list. So to do it right and to ensure your lawn is ready and healthy for the spring, do the ultimate thing and be apart of a team. Hire professionals whose sole purpose is to help you and who do this kind of work all year long. 

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