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People are becoming more and more inventive when thinking about landscape design. It’s not just about where to put some bushes, flowers, and trees, but about utilizing your space for your vision. 

With the cooler months coming our way, it’s finally the time of year to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors or the great lawn you’ve created over the summer. Professional landscape design can help you explore the opportunities already within your lawn and highlight what you love most about being outside.

With so many places being closed, more of us are spending time at home and thinking of ways to make the most of it.  With landscape design, our lawns have become an extension of our home and a safe way to share our space with others. It’s one of the places we can be together while socially distancing. 

Even if Everything Else Shuts Down, You’re Lawn is Always Open

The movie theaters may be closed, but your backyard isn’t. With landscape design you can make your lawn an oasis. This perfect place to bring everyone together for a movie night on the lawn. With an inexpensive projector and a white sheet, it’s easy to play movies outside from your phone.


Or you may have an area of your lawn that you’ve converted into a fire pit. Using landscape design will ensure that the transitions from pavers, stone, grass, or flora, compliments your aesthetic. The benefit of a professional planned landscape is that every inch of your space is designed to thrive for the sun and water that area receives, and each addition to your garden compliments what you want most from your space. Maybe you want to create an outdoor dinning room with enough space to fit your many family members. Or you’d like to create a cozy hangout for you and your friends to catch up with each other over a drink. Maybe your whole landscape design is centered around a comfy hammock and a book. Whatever your vision, a landscaping team has the knowledge to create the space you’d most enjoy whether that be for entertain, relaxing, or both!  Your lawn doesn’t have to be grand to benefit from a great design, it’s for everyone who wants to feel at home outside! 


What landscape design does for your space is use strategically placed plants, bushes, hedges, and trees to create the atmosphere you envision for a comfortable, intimate, night “out” at home. The flow created by planned landscaping can create different spaces for you to enjoy, or achieve an overall aesthetic that you want to capture. For landscape design your plants are used to make natural, seamless transitions between different areas and their function. The textures created through purposefully curated landscape elements add depth and interest to your outdoor space. All of these subtle pieces play their part in setting the scene, and all are a part of a great landscape design.


Using Every Inch of Your Home as We all Stay Home

Think of your yard as another room of your home. Your lawn is an outdoor room that you design and plan out just like all your interior rooms, deciding where the furniture will go, what accents to use, etc. What do you want it to communicate to your guests? What do you expect your outdoor space to give you personally? Get your landscape design specially tailored to make your vision to reality and give you a space you’ll love for years.


Let’s make your lawn or garden your new favorite hangout, just contact us!

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