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You just got done watching your favorite home renovation show and were thinking to yourself “WOW… Why doesn’t my home look like that?” They talked all about curb appeal and how great it is, but the front of your house is not checking off all the same boxes. It’s time to invest in some landscaping to level up your landscape design plan. Not only will this add beauty and catch the eyes of people passing by, but it will show that you care about your home. But… Before executing your landscape design plan, you should consider the following:

1. Know and understand your yard.

No one wants to go through the whole process of planting beautiful flowers or plants, just for them to end up shriveling away and eventually dying off. One of the most common mistakes people face when planning for landscape design? Choosing types of vegetation that don’t thrive in your location’s weather and climate. 


To prevent a disaster like that from happening, get to know your yard. Take a look and feel the soil – understand what the characteristics of the soil are. Look at the other vegetation surrounding your yard and how well it is or isn’t growing. Most importantly, figure out what your yard’s major water source is and how much sun it receives throughout the day. Why is this all so important? Research that helps you better know your yard helps you plan your landscape design based upon what will thrive and survive – protecting your investment. 

2. Think about who will be using your yard.

Do you have a dog who lives purely for digging up holes in the ground? Or kids who can’t get enough of running around outside? These are key scenarios to consider when planning your landscape design. If you have constant heavy traffic on your yard, something you can plan to do is include a walkway or pathway in your landscaping. This will provide a place to walk, so your landscape can thrive in peace. 

3. Plan for maintenance and growth. 

Completely filling out your landscaping may look great when first installed, but can begin to look overcrowded once it starts growing. It’s important to remain realistic with the amount of landscape installation you decide on because you will – 1. Have to take care of it all, and 2. They will end up growing. A cluttered and overgrown landscape design was probably not the look you were going for, so consider these factors ahead of time to get the look you want!

We know that planning your landscape design can seem like a lot of work and honestly even a little overwhelming. At Marathon Lawn Care, we know the impact a great landscape can bring. Our team would love to help you plan the perfect design for you and maintain it for years to come. 


For personalized service that can take care of any landscape design need, get your free quote from Marathon Lawn Care today!

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  1. You made a good point that I should consider my dog playing in my yard when thinking about landscape design. Perhaps I can opt for some elevated flower beds so that my dog wouldn’t be able to accidentally trample on them when he is running around. Having to account for this makes me think that hiring a landscape maintenance service would be perfect for me.

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