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Landscaping is an art and can turn a good looking home-front to a great looking home-front! The terms landscape maintenance and landscape design are often used interchangeably when describing to your lawn service provider what you’re looking for. Yes, there is a difference between the two! So, what makes them so different? 

Landscape Maintenance

When you think of the word “landscape maintenance,” you might automatically envision your usual lawn service truck hauling out their mowers, edgers, and leaf blowers out. But landscape maintenance consists of much more than just your usual lawn service.


Landscapes are ever-changing and are constantly growing – like changing shapes, colors, and fruitfulness. They need consistent tending and service to ensure you with landscaping that can last through seasons to come. 


So what does landscape maintenance consist of? It can vary from house-to-house but can include: mulch refreshing, irrigation upkeep or repair, shrub trimming, and tree trimming. In the end, the ultimate goal is for you to have a landscape you love that reflects the care you have for it. A professional landscape maintenance provider will protect this investment you made and provides it with the expert care it deserves. 

Landscape Design

Think of landscape design like interior design, except for the outside of your home. Well-done landscaping not only uses aesthetic principles to look good but also takes full advantage of the space and climate. This creates a beautiful design, while also making it suitable for your home’s weather patterns. 


The same landscape design themes are usually followed, whether it be as elegant as Central Park, Manhattan, or your neighborhood’s clubhouse. The same principle is used which creates a sprawling and scenic look for anyone’s outdoor space. 


For your commercial or residential landscape design plan, the goal is to create a sustainable and visually appealing landscape that fits your needs. People often plan their design based upon not only how great it will look, but what is easiest for their future maintenance. A landscape designer is trained specifically to consider all of these needs.

The Answer

When you are planning your landscape design and maintenance, be sure to consider a company that can address both and more! A great provider knows how to address all of your needs, and fortunately – our team at Marathon Lawn Care is your answer! 

For personalized service that can take care of any landscaping need, get your free quote from Marathon Lawn Care today!

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