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The blog this week is going to discuss the most common landscaping mistakes. Believe it or not, there are many more mistakes than the ones we will mention in this blog. 

With that said, there may be another blog in the future that will cover the remaining landscaping mistakes, but for now, we are sticking to the top ten. We have decided to write this blog because we think it’s the perfect time of year to cover this topic as people get their landscapes ready for the spring and summer seasons. 

The goal we have for this blog is to help you understand the issues and ultimately avoid making these mistakes in the future. We also want you to help your landscape dreams become a reality. 

Remember, we are here at Marathon Lawn Care for all your landscaping needs and would be more than honored to help you with everything involving your landscape. 

After going through the most common landscaping mistakes people make, here are the top ten: 

10. Creating a Family-Friendly Landscape Incorrectly

9.  Buying on Impulse

8. Having too Much of the Same Things on your Landscape

7. Not Planning Maintenance

6. Forgetting about the Seasons

5. Not Knowing About Price

4. Landscape Lighting

3. Forgetting About Curb Appeal

2. Too Many Styles 

1. Not Planning Your Landscape  

Notice that most of the top ten mistakes people make with landscaping are not necessarily related to services but not being aware and knowledgeable enough to make the right choices. That is why we are writing this blog. 

The majority of these errors could be avoided if a professional was called. So let us dig deeper into these mistakes. 

How to make a family-friendly landscape?

The mistake many people make is getting caught up with a theme for their landscape without thinking about how they will use the space because they are so fixated on the way it will look. You want to make sure that your landscape looks good, but it is practical and functional for your family and the people you will host.

For example, if you have a family with small children who will be using the space with their friends, then having a rock garden installed would not be a smart decision. We suggest making a list of what you will be using your landscape and making sure you keep your friends and family in mind. 

What is wrong with impulse buying?

Impulse buying candy at Easter time is dangerous but also reasonable. When it comes to landscaping, impulse buying does not work. It can be very difficult to purchase and return flowers. So bulk or impulse buying is not the best form of action when it comes to your landscape. We suggest doing some research before you hit the stores, especially if you are an impulse buyer. Make sure you write out a list, bring it with you shopping, and stick to the list. It is always easier adding things than trying to return items or make them fit. 

Should things on my landscape all be the same size?

It is best to mix various shapes and sizes when it comes to your landscape. It creates a unique style for your property. Having variety also brings different insects to your landscape that are needed. They provide certain nutrients for the plant life. If you only plant one size or one type of plant, you are depriving your soil of added nutrients. 

What is the importance of maintaining my landscape?

You want to plan your landscape maintenance the same way you planned your landscape. Services need to be done to keep a pristine and healthy landscape. For example, your garden beds need to be weeded monthly. If you do not have the time, patience, or skill to maintain your landscape, hire a professional to ensure it is appropriately maintained. 

What about my landscape is seasonal?

The mistake here is simple. Most people buy plant life that is in season when they purchase it. However, they are not thinking about the plant’s longevity or if that plant is in season come the fall. When purchasing plant life for your landscape, do not ignore the seasons in which you will be using your landscape. Make sure you are buying plant life that will last throughout all the seasons you will be using your landscape. 

Is DIY landscaping expensive?

DIY landscaping can be expensive. People often underestimate the price of plants every year. When it comes to your landscape, you have to think of it as a one-and-done job. You want to have a budget to get everything you need and have it done right. That is why hiring a professional is highly recommended. You do not want to invest money and then still have to hire a professional to complete or fix the job. 

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

People often picture or think about their landscape during the day and over the summer, maybe tanning or throwing a BBQ. What people do not often think about is enjoying their landscape at night. The best thing to do is think about landscape lighting. There are plenty of options to choose from. The service will definitely help illuminate your landscape and also add a sense of security to your property. 

What are the benefits of a well-maintained landscape?

A perfectly maintained and serviced landscape is not only about a healthy growth environment for your property or an excellent place for your family to enjoy. People often forget about the curb appeal of your landscape. If your landscape brings in the much-needed curb appeal, it actually increases your property’s value and attracts potential buyers

What kind of style should I have for my landscape?

When selecting the plant life for your landscape, make sure you match your property and home’s architecture with the overall theme you have in your garden or landscape. Also, consider your hardscaping as well. You ultimately want your landscape’s plant life to reflect a positive vibe upon your property. 

Do I need a plan when it comes to landscaping?

Yes! Having a plan fixes 99% of the mistakes and issues you will face. Throughout this blog, we mentioned having a plan or keeping a list or budget multiple times. The recommended plan is figuring out all you want your landscape to be and then calling a professional in for a free estimate to see if it reflects the budget you set for the landscape. When talking with the professional, consider that the job and services will be done correctly by people who do it for a living. That kind of service is priceless! 

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