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During the less rainy, more dry months, hire lawn maintenance to prevent losing your lawn to stubborn brown spots!

Every cycle of the seasons, we battle it out with mother nature to keep the luscious lawns we enjoyed during our Texas summer months as she holds back the rain during our falls. And we may not deal with freezing temperatures or snow, but that doesn’t keep our lawns immune from being consumed by brown, dead grass during our winters. But you don’t have to simply accept this fate for, with professional lawn maintenance you can keep your lawn green all year. 

Even with an irrigation system your lawn can develop brown spots. Many times the cause is that your sprinkler coverage might be missing an area. When your system is active, observe it’s reach and span to see if it is covering all of your lawn. If you’re not sure if it’s working properly, or if you think it could use an adjustment, ask a professional lawn maintenance company to take an expert look at it. Their job is to help your system run efficiently so that it gives your lawn the most nourishment. 

Some of these grass ailments require special interventions, and we can help with that! But most of the time, regular, professional lawn maintenance will help prevent these issues from arising in the first place. 

It’s More than Just Adding Water

Our lawns go through much more than we realize, and regular lawn maintenance gets to these issues before they lead to eye-sores, such as brown spots. Poor soil, buried debris (such as small rocks that become so hot in the summer they can burn the grassroots), erosion, and roots from larger plants, are some of the troublesome reasons your grass could die. 

For compacted or nutrient depleted soil, the best thing to do for your grass before winter is to aerate it and incorporate organic matter (such as shredded wood, moss, compost and peat). into your top soil. To improve your lawn’s health, remove all debris like rocks and sticks from the turf. For erosion prevention, especially if your yard is sloped, plant ground cover. Using mulch around large plants will fill in the areas that are more difficult for grass to grow because of the plants large roots. 

The state of your lawn’s thatch (the layer between the soil and the crown where the blade of grass begins) is an important component in the health of your lawn. As dead grass decays and develops brown spots, it can begin to pile up. If this decay is too thick it will choke the healthy grass that grows from this thatch. Having routine lawn maintenance services can take care of this problem for you by removing the building in your lawns thatch layer. 

Trust a Professional Lawn Maintenance Team

To keep your lawn green through the winter months it takes a lot of time and knowing details or tips such as these. But we at Marathon know how to care for your lawn to keep it the way you’ve always wanted it, all year long. 

For the healthiest lawn maintenance all year-round, contact us

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