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So we’re about a month into Spring when you get the realization… It’s time for spring cleaning. Dun dun dun. Whether that scares you or not, you know it’s got to be done! And don’t forget, spring cleaning includes the cleaning of the outside of your home, too. If you’re unsure about where to even begin on your lawn maintenance “to-do list,” these 4 tips will help your spring lawn look the best it ever has!


No- not the fruit. Pruning is a crucial part of your lawn maintenance routine, especially in the springtime. So, what is pruning exactly? It’s when you cut away dead or overgrown branches and stems to help stimulate growth of a plant. 


Your beautiful lawn deserves beautiful landscape design surrounding it! Pruning helps encourage new growth, meaning a more lush and vibrant lawn for your home. Not only does pruning give your plants a better chance to grow, but it also gives your lawn a little facelift. Make sure your lawn maintenance looks great AND paves the way for new growth!

Clean up your lawn

Since winter ended not too long ago, you might still have some dead leaves, dead grass, or broken branches dotted around your lawn. While it’s easy to just turn and look in the other direction, it’s important to include cleaning up in your lawn maintenance routine. 


For a healthy lawn, it’s best not to have remnants of last season inhibiting your grass from receiving the nutrients it needs to survive. Not only does it block sun and water, but it’s a complete eye sore, too. 

Fertilize your lawn

After doing so much to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful, be sure to consider adding fertilizing to your list. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is recommended since it’s a time of new growth, but not yet into “full-gear.” Adding fertilizing to your lawn maintenance plan helps your grass build a healthy root system that is strong enough to last throughout the seasons yet to come. 

Plan a watering schedule

Now, most importantly… Water your grass. It’s very important to find your lawn’s “sweet spot” of when it needs to be watered. For your spring lawn maintenance plan, you should consider your home’s climate and weather patterns when determining the times you should water. The tricky part about this is to be sure not to over water! Over watering can lead to dead patches in your lawn, which is definitely not what you had in mind. 


While your lawn maintenance plan may seem simple, it can take a lot of work and planning to get it done. Our team at Marathon Lawn Care has the experience and knowledge to know how to take care of it the right way. 


Get your free lawn care quote from Marathon Lawn Care today! 

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