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This past winter you decided you wanted the lushest and most vibrant lawn on the block and you made a promise to make it happen! Well, now it’s April and your lawn is still looking dull and lifeless. You may be thinking to yourself that you’re doing everything you can to make it beautiful and yet, nothing’s working. You’re probably doing your lawn mowing wrong! Here’s a few things you might be doing wrong:

You’re mowing way too often

If you only see one blade of grass that’s a little taller than all of the other blades of grass – it’s not time to mow! When planning your lawn service schedule, make sure to schedule a lawn mowing only when necessary. When you mow too often you could end up scalping your lawn.


Well, what does scalping your lawn mean? This is when you cut your grass too often, leaving the grass without a healthy root system to absorb nutrients for growth. When you’re lawn mowing too often, you could actually be making your lawn weaker – which can give a more uneven look than you began with.

You’re mowing on wet grass

So the day comes where you have your lawn service provider scheduled to come for a routine lawn mowing… But it just rained outside. You may want to reschedule! 


When you find yourself mowing on wet grass, the cut usually comes out uneven. This is because when the grass is wet, the blades will stick together – calling for an uneven cut that doesn’t look great. 


Mowing on wet grass can also cause brown spots on your lawn! When you cut a wet lawn, the grass can form clumps that stick onto other parts of the grass – causing it to be blocked by the sun and leaving brown, dead spots.

You’re mowing the grass too low

Do you remember that one time you told your barber you only wanted a small amount of hair to be cut, and they ended up going way shorter than you expected? Now think of your grass. Your lawn mowing and routine lawn maintenance shouldn’t result in making your grass look like it’s going bald! Not only is it an eyesore for you to look at, but it causes the grass to weaken for weeds to take over. 


While lawn mowing may seem like a simple and straightforward task – it can seem more like a chore because it can take a lot of time and effort! 


You want to spend your free time doing what you love, so let our team take care of your lawn mowing for you.


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