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Did you plan on having a vibrant and thriving lawn this spring? Maybe time got away from you and you didn’t give as much attention to your lawn as planned. Or maybe you aren’t sure of the right ways to save your grass. Either way, you’re thinking, “Can I save my lawn?” You can – with the right lawn service tips!


The first step of fixing your lawn is to find out what’s causing the problem in the first place. Your lawn service routine can make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help transform your lawn:

Control any pest problems.

It’s the outdoors, so it’s important to remember all of the insects and pests that have your lawn available to them. Different types of worms and pests such as grubs often leave dead, yellow patches behind or chew at the grass leaving a non-uniform look. 


The most effective way to fix a pest problem in your lawn is to understand which type of pest is causing the problem. For the most efficient way to get rid of any type of pest, it’s a good idea to contact your local lawn service provider and have them take a look. They are experienced with lawns and with these types of problems, so they’ll know just how to fix it.

Maintain a watering routine that works for you.

Watering your lawn regularly is the best and most effective way to a healthy, thriving lawn. In Austin and surrounding areas, you may find your lawn in extreme heat and maybe even in a drought. This is what makes watering your lawn a little tricky. You have to figure out how much water your lawn needs to thrive without overwatering. For most, watering with at least a half-inch of water weekly or biweekly does the trick. Contacting your local lawn service for help can be a great aid since they are knowledgeable about the location.

Establish and carry out a lawn care routine.

Establishing a lawn care routine ensures you’re dedicating time and effort to your lawn, and your lawn will show for it. What’s great about a routine? Any problem or need can be taken care of immediately. Consistently lawn mowing, trimming and fertilizing help your lawn build a strong root system to help it survive throughout the seasons. A local lawn service provider can help you plan out a schedule that works for you.


It’s never too late to transform your lawn. Even if you’re finding your lawn dotted with dead patches, not properly watered, or even having an insect problem – your lawn can still be fixed. While a beautiful lawn may take time, it leaves you with something you can be proud of. 


At Marathon, your local lawn care in Austin TX, we understand how important your lawn is to you. We are ready to help your home with the transformation that makes all the neighbors jealous. 


For personalized service that can take care of any lawn service need, get your free quote from Marathon Lawn Care today!

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