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Fall is Coming! Do you Know Why Leaf Cleanup is so Important?

When we think of leaf cleanup it stirs up nostalgic memories of fall and the changing of the seasons. As kids there was nothing better than the jump into the pile of newly raked leaves, but as adults we’ve come to dread the sight of dried up leaves as little nuisances scattered across our yard. Maybe you put off gathering up these leaves and bagging them up, but it’s so important to have regular leaf cleanup


Without Leaf Cleanup you’re Ruining your Yard

Leaves sit on top of the grass cutting off your blades of grass’ ability to get sunlight. Without a routine leaf cleanup these build up of leaves actually suffocates your lawn’s ability to breathe in sunlight and water, making unsightly brown patches throughout your lawn. Allowing leaves to take control over your yard during the fall and winter months is a waste of the money we spend during the spring and summer to get our lawns looking their best. With a professional leaf cleanup you are protecting the investment you’ve already made into your lawn and ensuring it will last this year! 


Those Pretty Little Leaves Pose a Risk without Leaf Cleanup

Leaves that build up over time on driveways, sidewalks, doorways and patios actually cause many people to slip and fall each year. Keep your property safe from slips, falls, and other injuries with a professional leaf cleanup. Without keeping your leaves picked up you run a liability risk that most are not even aware of. With leaf cleanups you can rest assured that not only does your lawn look great, and you’re doing what’s best for its growth, but you’re also protected from having your feet kicked out from under you from one of these little leaf nuisances.


And the Best Part of Having a Leaf Cleanup Job Done by Professionals?

You don’t have to spend your weekends in the fall doing the very physical work. Your weekends are well worth the investment for leaf cleanup professionals!


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