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What are some general good points of having my lawn maintained? 

If you have a big yard that’s primarily just one big stretch of grass, it may not have crossed your mind that landscaping equipment does still cause pollution of sorts. Big ones like mowers and trimmers can contribute to this air pollution; however, many of the smaller pieces of equipment don’t, as they don’t need the same amount of gas or other materials needed. 

You can also conserve water (and your money) all at the same time by having proper irrigation put in, and plants placed strategically to aid in the watering process. Differing plant life needs different amounts of water. This way, all your greenery can get the appropriate amount of water without any excess causing water waste. On the flip end, you also make sure they don’t get under-watered and push you into spending more money to replace anything that was planted. Your wallet will thank you, and Mother Nature will too! 

Does mulching my yard really help that much?

You’d be surprised how truly beneficial adding mulch to your landscaping can be. For starters, different materials and colors can add depth to the look and be tailored to your personal style. An even more important point to consider is that mulch is the best shield for whatever plants/soil it happens to be placed upon. It is important to note that there is a right and wrong way to do even something simple as this though. Too much or too little can cause its own set of issues! 

Plants need water, plain and simple. But especially during the hotter months, you run the risk of water evaporating from the soil faster than it can replenish it, which in turn takes water away from those plants. Mulch also provides nutrients to areas that have sandy soil to help it retain moisture. One of the biggest positives it can do for your plant life is it acts as a shield for them, protecting them from the elements. It can insulate in winter and protect from the summer sun, like sunblock for you and I. Doing so extends their lifespan and keeps your garden growing strong. Too much mulch, however, can draw in more pests and even smother what’s beneath it. 

How do I know if my trees and bushes are getting enough love? 

Along these lines, any sort of question is exactly why it’s best to leave intricate chores such as this to those pros. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can not only ruin the look of the plants but possibly make them sick or, unfortunately, lead to their death eventually. Proper trimming and pruning allow the different parts of the trees or bushes to get even light and rain. It also rids them of any diseased parts that could jeopardize the whole plant. Too much leaves them bare. Too little leaves them still susceptible. Plus, there can be certain dangers for you if you’re not careful or don’t know what you’re doing the whole time. No one wants an injury simply trying to make their yard look pretty! One of the best parts of taking care of your bigger plant life is how great it’s going to make the different depths of your property look.

What kind of features can make my landscaping pop? 

Having added features that aren’t necessarily “made up of nature” can also add a lot of eye-pleasing dimension to your yard. Many locations are nestled into hillsides or in just generally unlevel areas. Structures like retaining walls are incredibly functional here as they can protect your home from soil erosion when the rain comes in. This isn’t the only way they’re functional, though! They can help line pathways that may be part of your yard, as well as provide extra seating for you and your guests. On top of that, they offer more privacy & can be built however you want with whatever materials you want to suit your style! 

Once again, a reason to have the pros come out, to make sure these features are done right with the attention to detail that’s needed. Getting it set into the ground correctly, the stonework put together how it’ll fit, and to the height, it has to be to actually do the job it’s intended to. If you want something done right, it’s always best to go the route of getting it done right the first time! 

Are there any other benefits to having landscaping added?

There are many ways that groundwork such as this can help improve your personal quality of life! Simply being around plants has been noted to reduce your blood pressure, for starters. Being able to walk amongst nature, especially varying types, can help your attention and possibly even memory too! It’ll let you relax a little more and, in turn, reduce stress levels-all of this leading to lower health care costs. 

Can’t I do it myself? 

When it comes to spending money, it’s obvious you want to be as conservative as possible. Who likes spending more money than they need to, especially on tedious things? However, sometimes being stingy means being in trouble down the line. When it comes to landscaping, this has never been truer. 

Trying to figure out your landscaping can be a mental hassle and can cost you money down the line if something gets messed up. Having your local professionals help you draw up some plans for what you want and then execute it with skill and the appropriate tools needed is a must. There’s almost nothing but positives when it comes to having them take over. If you’re looking to sell your house, it can even raise your property value by up to 15%! This is partly because they can make your home aesthetically beautiful and cause it to draw in admirers. 

If you want actual quality results and to save yourself an indeterminable amount of time, this is definitely the best option! Don’t take off on a confusing, extremely time-consuming adventure if you don’t need to. Put your yard in the hands of trustworthy landscaping professionals, so you can sit back and enjoy the results!

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