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Not everyone has a bunch of free time on their hands to spend hours a week taking care of their lawn. Even if you do have the time, you probably would rather be doing something else – like spending time with your family and friends. If you’re thinking about hiring on a lawn maintenance company, you’re probably wondering if you should hire a big chain business or a local company. Here are just a few reasons why hiring a local lawn maintenance company is a great investment:

They know the local plants and climate.

The great thing about a local lawn maintenance company? They live right around the corner! This means they have an expansive knowledge of your area’s weather patterns and know the predicaments plants can face. These local companies specialize in maintaining lawns that are just like yours and have years of experience to show for it. These companies know how to treat the soil, the right time to cut the grass, and so much more. 

They specialize in customer service.

Since a local lawn maintenance company serves a much smaller area than a big chain-business, they have more opportunities to give attention to individual customers. So what does this mean for you? The local company can pay attention to detail while giving your lawn the attention it deserves. 


Since they are able to build a relationship with each customer, they have an incentive to get your lawn maintenance job done right the first time. Since they’re local, they are invested in the community – making every job worthwhile!

They’re always on-call and responsive.

A great lawn maintenance company is a company that ensures they are frequently on-call for their clients and responsive to their needs. It’s important to find a company that can answer all of your questions, provide lawn care quotes, and respond to any lawn emergencies you may have. With a local lawn maintenance company, they can give you all of these services and more. Speed and convenience are some of the greatest benefits they can offer you. 


At Marathon Lawn Care, we pride ourselves in knowing that we provide the best local customer service. We know the area and have years of experience working in it. 

For personalized service that can take care of any lawn maintenance need, get your free quote from Marathon Lawn Care today!

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