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When it comes to correctly maintaining your property, some serious endurance is required. To effectively manage your outdoor area, you need knowledge of lawn maintenance, lawn care, and landscaping. You can also benefit from understanding how marathon training works! Believe it or not, lawn care and landscaping rules throughout the year can follow many the same training principles followed by marathon runners.

Every elite runner has a coach to help them through the process. Consider this article your coaching tool, here to help your property finish the year stronger than ever! Stick to these principles for your next racing event OR your property maintenance routine!

Consistency counts!

People do not wake up without any training at all and decide to run a marathon. Instead, it takes many months of consistent efforts. Similarly, you cannot wake up one day and decide you want the perfect property. Only after regularly taking the time for lawn maintenance, lawn care, and landscaping can you achieve the desired results. 

Don’t cheat!

When it comes to racing, cheating is frowned upon. But doesn’t that apply to almost any area of life? Lawn maintenance is no different. In a race, cheating can cost you your reputation and the opportunity to participate in future events. When it comes to your lawn, cutting corners can cost you big too! Cheating can seriously affect your grass health in the future. 

But, how do people even attempt to cheat at lawn maintenance? By cutting their grass too short! For some reason, people assume that cutting the grass extra short will allow them to mow their lawn less frequently. This is entirely false. Instead, this practice causes damage to your grass. Once the blades are weaker from being cut too short, your lawn will be more susceptible to disease, weather conditions, or pests. Mowing the grass too short could also lead to brown patches in your grass or, worse, the death of your lawn! 

Proper hydration matters.

Marathon runners know the importance of hydration. If you don’t drink enough water, you might be unable to finish the race.

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Drink too much, and it will be sloshing in your stomach, causing discomfort for several miles. Much like this scenario, there can be disastrous results if you do not hydrate your lawn correctly. Not enough water will leave your grass brown and dry. Too much water might lead to disease or damage also. The best way to hydrate correctly is to research your specific grass to understand its needs. If you do not have an irrigation system to track the proper hydration rate, you must consider the local rainfall for your daily watering. 

Trim away the things that are hurting your growth.

During the many months before the big event, marathon runners can be found pruning the unhealthy practices out of their lives. Runners may start avoiding late nights with friends, happy hours, and excess junk food to reach optimal training conditions. When it comes to your lawn or landscape, trimming is crucial to the health of your plant life. Particularly with shrubs, hedges, and bushes, pruning makes way for healthy growth. When diseased or damaged branches are removed, the remaining limbs do not have to compete for nutrients, air, or water. If you want more information on this topic, check out on of our recent blogs

You need fuel in the form of nutrients!

Marathon runners know that they need the proper nutrients to finish strong. In the few days before the race, they load up on carbs, getting the energy they need for the task. Even during the race, athletes fuel by consuming small snacks or gels to make sure they get to the finish line. For your lawn or landscape, the right nutrients can go a long way too! Applying fertilizer is one way to get a luscious lawn with vibrant, green grass. Using mulch on your landscape also restores nutrients to the soil and plant life. Mulch and fertilizer applications can help your plant life thrive. 

You need the right gear.

If you have ever been to a marathon, you’ll notice that runners are very prepared people. You might find participants with hydration backpacks, specialty sneakers, special wearable pouches, and more! Runners understand that the right equipment helps get you to the finish line. When it comes to lawn maintenance and landscaping, the right gear matters too! You want to maintain your equipment so that your blades are cleaned and sharpened regularly. By doing this, your grass will get the healthiest cut, and you can avoid spreading weeds further around your property. 

Be proactive.

When a runner gets an injury, they do not just sit back and see how things go casually. 

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Especially as an injury starts to develop, athletes are proactive about treatment, doing all they can to ensure the impairment does not worsen. When managing your property, be proactive in addressing the threats to your lawn and landscape. Weeds pose severe concerns because they can ruin your space’s look and steal the nutrients, water, and air from your desired plant life. Both fertilizer and lawn applications provide effective weed control, and we suggest you do not waste time putting these solutions in place. Once weeds infiltrate your property, stopping their spread can be quite a challenge!

Even the best marathoners poop their pants sometimes.

As the saying goes, poop happens. When you’re running 26.2 miles, your body can do a lot of crazy things, and some of them might be regrettable. Similarly, things can sometimes go wrong despite your best efforts when you are maintaining your own property. Keep in mind that beating yourself up will do no good! Just accept that mistakes happen and learn what you can from the experience so that you do no repeat the error next time!

In the end, the medal will be worth it!

Marathon runners know the medal and sense of accomplishment, in the end, will be worth it. They think about the end results and envision crossing the finish line long before they actually do. This helps them stay focused on the task at hand. When it comes to your property, It is good to remind yourself of why you are making these efforts in the first place. Do you just want to give your home the best look possible? Or are you trying to sell your property and need to increase its value? Staying focused on the end result will help keep you motivated to stick it out even when times get tough.

If you decide you are interested in less of a marathon and more of a sprint for your property, call us today! We can complete the maintenance for you so that you do not have to work so hard to get the results you want! 

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