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So Much More to Mulch than just ‘Filler’

Few materials are as beneficial for your garden as mulch, you rarely see a landscape installation without some type of mulch, but why? Many would agree it’s a valuable addition to your yard, but besides mulch making your yard looking pretty, it is actually providing support to your lawn. 

What is Mulch?

We’ve seen the bark laying in flower beds, and along paths, that may be what you first think of when you see the word ‘mulch’. The textbook definition of mulch is defined as any organic or inorganic material that is placed atop soil in a garden bed or used in landscape installation. This means that there are a number of different types and varieties of mulch in the world! Not just bark, but stones are considered an inorganic type of mulch, lawn clippings and leaves can be used as organic mulch. It’s important to choose a material that will suit your exact needs based on location, plant type, soil, and more. 


Benefits of Mulch

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your landscape, mulch has a number of other benefits including:

  • Retaining soils moisture
  • Keeping weeds under control
  • Soil erosion less likely to occur 
  • Adds to the nutrition of the soil (organic)
  • Attract good bugs that are helpful to your garden
  • Keeping pests under control
  • Landscape installation of mulch with cedar, cypress, and pine wood can help to repel fleas, ticks, and gnats

Maintenance and Tips

Landscape installation of new mulch is best when the mulch is applied in layers, between 1 – 3 inches thick for each layer, this way oxygen doesn’t get trapped and can flow easily. This also helps to prevent the mulch from drying out or rotting sooner. 

Leave space between the base of your trees or plants when your landscape installation for your mulch begins. Leaving this gap will prevent disease and rot. 

Wood or bark mulch should always be watered down as soon as it’s complete. 


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