We know that each of the properties is different from the others and we ensure that our lawn maintenance service brings out the natural beauty of your yard. Regular mowing enhances the beauty of your lawn.


Marathon Lawn Care and Services use only organic mulch materials, which resist erosion, ensure safety and enhance the quality of the soil of your land. Proper mulching keeps your lawns healthy and fresh.



Our lawn fertilization service provides your lawn the nutrients it needs to nourish your lawn and not only improve its appearance but strengthen its ability to survive during harsh weather conditions.

Services We Provide

Welcome to Marathon Lawn Care & Services

Based in Austin, we are a trusted lawn services provider ready to serve you at your beck and call. Over the years, we have contributed generously towards maintaining the natural beauty of Austin.

We offer a wide range of services including lawn installations, commercial landscaping, lawn maintenance, fertilization, cleanups, mulch installation, overseeding and pruning. We cater to the needs of commercial sites, residential complexes, sports grounds, business properties, and plots that need a plush makeover. We understand that your lawn needs constant care to thrive. Hence, we love working all through the four seasons making your acre of land lush and green. We look forward to delivering more than what is expected of us. Consistency, hard work and discipline define us.


Our Specialties

lawn maintenance in summer

Lawn Mowing

Do you know that if your lawn is mowed properly, it will have fewer weeds? With sets of specialized equipment and an able team, we look forward towards taking care of your lawn, turning those unruly grasses into a snugly knitted turf. We include edging in our lawn maintenance service because mowing is just not enough for achieving the utmost beauty. From controlling weed growth to pruning, trimming and foliage cleanup, we promise to keep it to your liking.


Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilizers are nutrients for plants. Your lawn needs care and attention to not only become lush but to survive as well. The soil is not always nutrient-rich to provide food for your lawn to grow. Besides, the nature of the fertilizers used plays a vital role in determining the grass color and in maintaining lawn health. It prevents weed invasions along with maintaining the appearance of the yard. Hence, Marathon Lawn Care & Services use a wide range of superior quality of organic fertilizers that keep your lawn fresh and healthy in the modest shades of green.



Mulch installation improves the appearance of your lawn while adding to the nutrients of the soil. Installing organic mulch keeps the soil insulated and roots hydrated. Thus, it increases the resilience of the greenery to temperature extremities and variations. Hence, your lawn can easily get rid of mowing induced damages, weed invasion, soil compaction and ill effects of root competition. Marathon Lawn Care and Services use only organic mulch materials, which resist erosion, ensure safety and enhance the quality of the soil of your land.

Pruning & Trimming

Frequent trimming is required for maintaining beautiful and healthy hedges and trees. When trees and hedges are left to grow uncontrollably, problems start occurring. As the leaves and branches start growing excessively, they take on an unkempt appearance, but there are greater problems than appearance alone. The excess leaves and branches start blanketing the interior branches. Eventually, branches start competing for sunlight and nutrients – this causes the foliage to decay. Just like we need regular hair and nail trimming to look presentable and maintain cleanliness, trees also need to be trimmed regularly.

To Give Your Yard A Perfect Cut


Our Area of Service

Our Location
7449 Peabody Street, Austin, TX 78729

When you choose Marathon Lawn Care and Services, you become a part of our growing family. Our target service radius is 10 miles from our home base. However, you can avail our service even if you reside beyond the 10-mile radius. We are flexible to extend our services to you for payment of a nominal additional charge.

We aspire to set up a system-base in Austin, TX, 78729 with a 5-mile radius, hoping to extend the provisions of our customer base in the near future.

Your visitors encounter the parking lot or the lawn in front of your house or your store. No matter whether you are a tycoon or a small business owner or a homeowner, Marathon Lawn Care and Services promises to cater to the needs of each one with care and at affordable expenses.