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Spending time outside in a vibrant yard that’s growing lush can make all the difference.  Since you know this, is it a goal of yours to spend this summer outside surrounded by beautiful landscaping? Preparing your lawn for landscape installation can help to ensure a healthy and strong lawn. To reach your goals, prepare your lawn by following these steps: 

Planting flowers:

When you think of beautiful landscape installation, the first thing you think of is colorful flowers. Flowers add pops of color that create a bright and lively looking yard. Most often, they only last just a season. Planting these vibrant additions for summer ensures you’ll enjoy them to the highest extent you can. Summer means you’re spending more time outdoors, so you know you’ll make the most out of them.

Create a pollinator garden:

When you’re adding flowers into your landscape installation, consider featuring flowers that invite bees and butterflies to pollinate. This brings you a lively garden that can bloom wildly for summer.

Spruce up your mulch:

A quick way to spruce up your lawn or garden is to turn over any old and faded mulch. Old mulch can make your landscape installation begin to look dull. To spruce up your mulch, you can simply stir up the top layer that’s begun to fade or even add some new layers of mulch. Mulch not only adds vibrancy to your landscape, but it also helps your plant’s health by fighting weeds and retaining water.

Protect your lawn against insects:

Since it’s summer, that means bugs are everywhere and are out all day! They can become a problem if they infest your lawn and start to ruin all your hard work. You’ll want to prevent any problems like this from occurring by applying pest control treatments. Spraying your lawn and landscaping with pesticides before there is a problem is important because it doesn’t allow an infestation to occur in the first place. This will leave you with peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of your landscape installation


It’s not an easy task preparing your landscape installation for summer – it can take a lot of time and effort! But the results of all of your planning and treatments will make it all worthwhile. 


Our team at Marathon, offering lawn care in Austin TX, can help you achieve your summer lawn goals! With our years of experience with lawn and landscaping like yours, you’re sure to be left satisfied with a lush and vibrant landscape design. Get your free quote from Marathon Lawn Care today!

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