Premium Quality Lawn Maintenance, Weed Control, Tree Trimming, and More in North Austin, TX and its surrounding areas.

When Austin was first developed, it was called Waterloo. Originally, the northern area was less populated. Over time, this changed and today, North Austin is home to over 162,000 residents. It is known for its major roadways, as well as its diverse businesses and shops.

The Marathon Lawn Care team is proud to serve the business owners and residents of North Austin, TX and its surrounding areas! You can trust us to go the distance for your property every time! We always:

  • Are consistent! And it shows in our results!
  • Provide the highest quality services.
  • Make our customers a priority.
  • Offer budget-friendly options.
  • Strive for reliability and honesty.

Mulch Installations

What can we do for your commercial or residential property in North Austin?

Mulch Installations

Mulch goes the extra mile for your soil! It protects the surface from the spread of weeds. Mulch also guards the soil from harsh weather conditions in both the summer and winter. It helps soil to retain its moisture and get back essential nutrients. And of course, mulch adds style to the entire landscape!

Lawn Maintenance

When your lawn is maintained properly, it will thrive! Regular mowing will help your lawn stay healthy and resistant to disease and harsh weather conditions. It can be hard to make the time to consistently maintain your lawn. Our trimming, mowing, edging and blowing will upgrade the look of your property and increase its curb appeal.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Stopping the spread of weeds can be quite challenging once they have taken root on your property. They can destroy the look of your lawn and damage your grass and plant life. Weeds steal the sunlight, water, and nutrients from your lawn and desired plant life. Our fertilization and weed control methods will protect your property from weeds, while restoring nutrients to the soil and plants.

Seasonal Clean-ups

Seasonal clean ups are a marathon and not a sprint! We can ensure your property looks great throughout all the seasons of the year. In the fall and winter, we can remove your leaves and keep your property looking pristine. This also prevents damage to your lawn from too many leaves or mold. In the spring, our seasonal clean-ups can transform the look of your flowerbeds and landscape.

Seasonal Clean-ups

Bush and Hedge Trimming

We can help your hedges and bushes to thrive, thus improving the overall look of your property! We remove the diseased and damaged branches. Taking away dying parts improves the health of your bushes and hedges. Proper trimming and maintenance also helps to deter pests from infesting your hedges and bushes.

Tree Trimming

Let our experienced team handle your tree trimming! We can help your property look its best, while improving the growth of your trees. When the trees are pruned correctly, the diseased and dying branches will be completely removed. This stops the spread of further damage and helps your trees to thrive.

We proudly serve the residents of North Austin, TX and its surrounding areas! Our team will go the distance for your property!

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