Convenient Holiday Light Services in North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, TX.

What do our holiday light services include?

This convenient package includes installation and maintenance of your holiday lights. We carefully make sure the wires fit perfectly onto your property. (No dangling cords to be seen here!) When the season is over, we will remove your holiday lights and neatly pack them up for storage. All you have to do is enjoy the display and festivities of the season!

How does the package work?

  • The first year, the cost will include the labor and the price of the lights you choose. We have a variety of style and color options available.  
  • In the following seasons, expect costs to be lowered, since the only charge is labor. This fee is about 15% less than the cost of the initial year. 
Holiday Lighting

Why are holiday lights important?

They increase the curb appeal of your home.

During the holiday season, everyone loves having a beautifully decorated property. An elaborate holiday light display also makes your home look more attractive to potential buyers if you are thinking of selling in the future.

They are festive!

Yes, the holiday season can be filled with joy. But for many people, it can also be a stressful time. The winter months can also spark feelings of depression for some. Providing a cheerful display of lights for your friends and neighbors can help increase the holiday spirit in your community!

Can you handle your own holiday light installations? Consider these points:

Holiday lights can take up a lot of time!

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year. But it is also the most stressful season of all! The average person has hours of extra to-dos thanks to the demands of the holiday season. Installing lights involves many steps. You must check them all to make sure they work. You also must securely attach them to your home and make sure the cords fit neatly for a quality result. If some bulbs go out, maintenance is required. Finally, at the end of the season, you must carefully remove the lights and store them properly, so that they last. All of this can take up a lot of time in an already packed schedule. Hiring the experts to complete this chore frees up time to enjoy the holiday festivities with your family.

Safety is also important.

Did you know that every year, over 157,000 people visit the emergency room from accidents involving ladders? Many deadly falls occur from heights of less than 10 feet. When these statistics are considered, it makes sense to hire professionals to handle your holiday lighting. They have the proper equipment and knowledge of safety protocols to complete the job without risks.

Why go with the Marathon team for your holiday light services?

When it comes to attention to detail we always are willing to go the distance for your property! We are committed to being:

  • Dependable and professional. (No missed appointments here!) 
  • Honest and available to communicate with all our clients. 
  • Providers of quality services. 
  • Dedicated to getting the best results! We leave when you are satisfied!

We are proud to offer cost-effective, convenient holiday light services and much more to the residents of North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, TX.

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