Premium Quality Lawn Care Services in North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, TX.

What do our lawn care services include?

You can race to a healthier lawn with our fertilization and weed control services. We will use lawn applications and fertilizer to remove weeds and add nutrients. We carefully check our work to ensure even applications!

Lawn Care Services

Why is lawn care important?

It raises your property value.

When lawn applications and fertilizer are used correctly, there is a noticeable difference in your lawn. It will have a gorgeous, green color and thick, strong grass. A luscious lawn improves the appearance of your property and increases curb appeal. This even makes it easier to sell your property if you are attempting to do so in the future. For this reason, investing in your lawn care is never a bad idea.

Fertilizer helps your lawn to thrive.

Applying fertilizer restores nutrients to your soil. This helps your plant life to grow healthier and stronger.

Proper weed control can save your lawn!

Weeds and unwanted plant life can slowly kill your grass and plants. The weeds strangle your desired plant life and steal their nutrients, sunlight, and water. This ultimately leads to damage for your plants. Lawn applications can prevent this from happening.

Can you handle your own lawn care? Consider this:

It is not as easy as you think!

At first glance, lawn applications and fertilization can seem like a simple process. However, applying too much of either can cause irreparable damage. If you do not apply enough, your plant life may not benefit from your efforts. You also have to complete these lawn care routines during the right seasons to reap the benefits. Weeds can be difficult to stop once they begin spreading.

You want the best results.

If you handle your lawn care incorrectly, it could lead to property damage. This can cost extra time and money to repair. Hiring the experts is one way to guarantee favorable results. Choosing a lawn care company with positive reviews and great customer service will help ensure a stress-free experience. If someone else handles your fertilization and weed control, you can get back time to do the things you love.

Why should you go with the Marathon team?

For each project, expect us to go the distance for your lawn care! We promise to:

  • Be dependable. We are punctual and keep our appointments! 
  • Be transparent. Honesty is a core value in our company. 
  • Offer premium quality services. 
  • Pay attention to the details to ensure the best results! .

We offer a hassle-free process for all your fertilization and weed control needs. We also offer bush trimming, hedge trimming, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, and more to the residents of Cedar Park, North Austin, and Leander, TX.

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