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Nothing beats the look and feel of approaching a beautiful, well-kept lawn. Thick, vibrant grass greatly enhances the look of an adjacent property. A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen by accident, however. It takes proper lawn fertilization with right nutrients and proper access to sunlight to flourish.

Is your lawn struggling to take root? Then it’s time to consider lawn fertilization treatments by Marathon Lawn Care & Services. Our lawn fertilization service provides your lawn the nutrients it needs to nourish your lawn and not only improve its appearance but strengthen its ability to survive during harsh weather conditions.

Now Offering Lawn Fertilization for Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Cedar Park, Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas

Fertilizers are nutrients for plants. Your lawn needs care and attention to not only become lush but to survive as well. The soil is not always nutrient-rich to provide food for your lawn to grow. Besides, the nature of the fertilizers used plays a vital role in determining the grass color and in maintaining lawn health. Lawn Fertilization prevents weed invasions along with maintaining the appearance of the yard.

Hence, Marathon Lawn Care & Services use a wide range of superior quality of organic fertilizers that keep your lawn fresh and healthy in the modest shades of green. Our team of professionals also pays special attention to the fertilizer application method to ensure that your lawn survives the environment as well as the foot traffic.

Why Choose Marathon for Lawn Fertilization Services?

Our lawn fertilization services also benefit your property by keeping weeds at bay. When left unchecked, weeds tend to grow rapidly. These weeds siphon crucial nutrients from your lawn. If you’re not careful – you end up with a property that’s both replete with weeds and dead grass. Keeping weeds in check is crucial for maximizing your lawn’s nutrient absorption and encouraging healthy growth.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience in the lawn care industry, we are able to develop a fertilization schedule that keeps your lawn healthy all year round. Our expert technicians survey your property, identify your needs, and develop a routine that works best for your lawn.


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