Superior Seasonal Clean-ups in North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, TX.

What do our seasonal clean-ups include?

We provide clean-ups to keep your property looking its best all year long. During the fall, we will remove and bag the leaves and debris from your property. In the spring, we can also clean up your flower beds by removing leaves and debris, to ensure they look their best and grow to reach their full potential.

Seasonal Clean Ups

Why are seasonal clean-ups important?

They can increase your property value.

A neat looking lawn can really turn heads. When your lawn is healthy, the value of your home goes up! Removing all the leaves and debris instantly improves the look of the entire property. This feature can even attract potential buyers if your home is on the market. For this reason, especially if you plan on selling, it is wise to invest in seasonal clean-ups to help your property look its best all year round!

They can improve the health of your lawn.

It is always recommended that you keep up with your seasonal clean-ups. The health of your lawn and plant life actually depends on it! When leaves linger for too long on your property, a lot of damage can occur. Pests, mold, and excess moisture can develop in the spaces under the leaves. This can lead to diseased and damaged grass that does not grow properly when spring arrives. Consistent seasonal clean-ups can prevent this hassle from occurring.

Spring clean-ups can benefit your plant life during the growing season!

Clearing out flower beds and removing debris or leaves helps your landscape stay healthy. Your flowers and plants need proper access to air, sunlight, and nutrients in order to thrive. Clearing any debris or leaves blocking the surfaces around the plants only ensures the needed nutrients can get to the roots.

Can you handle your own seasonal clean-ups? Think about this:

Seasonal clean-ups can be time consuming.

In some ways, seasonal clean-ups are one of the easiest types of outdoor maintenance to complete yourself. No specialty equipment is required, (although it does make it easier!), and there are minimal safety risks, since ladders are not involved. However, seasonal clean-ups should be done fairly consistently. This leads to them becoming a time consuming chore over the course of several months. When you hire experts to complete this task, you can get extra time for enjoyable activities, while still getting the best results for your property.

Why go with the Marathon team for seasonal clean-ups?

Our team will go the distance for your property to make sure it looks great all year round! We strive to:

  • Be dependable. We are punctual and keep our appointments! 
  • Be transparent. Honesty is a core value in our company. 
  • Offer premium quality services. 
  • Pay attention to the details to ensure the best results! .

We are proud to offer superior seasonal clean-ups and much more to the residents of Cedar Park, North Austin, and Leander, TX.

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