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Trees and hedges add a level of variety, style, and decor to your property. However, they require plenty of maintenance and upkeep. Many property owners have trouble keeping up with their foliage. They either lack the proper equipment, manpower, or the time it takes to do it correctly. Ultimately, many property owners give up on maintaining them completely. Our team of experts at Marathon Lawn Care & Services handles all Tree/Hedge Pruning and Trimming with ease.

Now Offering Pruning and Trimming for Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Cedar Park, Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas

Frequent trimming is required for maintaining beautiful and healthy hedges and trees. When trees and hedges are left to grow uncontrollably, problems start occurring. As the leaves and branches start growing excessively, they take on an unkempt appearance, but there are greater problems than appearance alone. The excess leaves and branches start blanketing the interior branches. Eventually, branches start competing for sunlight and nutrients – this causes the foliage to decay.

Just like we need regular hair and nail trimming to look presentable and maintain cleanliness, trees also need to be trimmed regularly. Our diligent workers maintain the structural integrity and the health of the trees through regular Tree/Hedge Pruning and Trimming, alleviating the risk of broken branches, and irregularly jutted out limbs.

Take Back Your Spare Time with Marathon Lawn Care Services

Many property owners struggle with maintaining their property on their own. Whether they have an active family life or they’re business owners with a full schedule – they simply don’t have time to give their foliage the attention that it requires.

You don’t have to sacrifice your weekends, and you don’t have to sacrifice the health and appearance of your property! Marathon Lawn Care & Services provides all of the help you need for a beautiful lawn without breaking the bank. Call us today to receive your 4th cut for free and enjoy the superior level of service that Marathon provides!