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It’s finally spring-time! This means everything is blooming and the grass is growing greener! Since winter is officially over, most people are planning to kick their landscape maintenance plan into full gear. Are you unsure of where to start? Here’s some tips to get your landscaping looking better than you could’ve even imagined: 

Plan for growth.

If you have or are planning to install plants, shrubs or bushes – plan for them to grow and fill out the space. Planning your landscape maintenance should include this step simply because it’s crucial to consider how much the plants will grow in a given amount of time. You don’t want to have to end up digging these plants out and removing them. You put in a lot of time and consideration into the design, so make sure to plan ahead so you can keep the space looking how you intended.

Plan for maintenance.

A no-maintenance landscaping job sounds like a dream… That’s because it is. Your landscape maintenance requires a lot of time to be taken care of! While it does take a lot of effort, the proof will be in the pudding. Your lawn and landscape will be a reflection of how much you care for it. Things such as lawn mowing, pulling weeds, trimming bushes and hedges and watering should be a part of your landscape maintenance plan. These few steps will provide beauty to your landscape design and keep them looking their best.

Get inspired.

Are you ready to care for your landscape design, but are unsure of what new plants you’d like to add for spring? Go outside and get inspired. Take notes and take photos of neighboring lawns that catch your eye! Try going to your local gardening center and taking note of the flowers or various plants you want to be the star of your spring landscape. When you are planning your landscape maintenance – use this newfound inspiration to bring some new life to your design! 


Spring is the time for new growth and vibrant lawns with landscaping that compliments that. Everyone wants the most beautiful yard on the lot, and with proper landscape maintenance, you can finally reach that goal. 


Does landscape maintenance sound like a lot of work that you might not have time for? We know you want your weekends to relax with family after the long work week. Our team at Marathon Lawn Care would love to help. 


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