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Ever since we were children, there has always been a song that our parents sang or a song on our favorite TV show that, for some reason, tricked us into cleaning. As long as we were singing and having fun, we did not realize we were cleaning. For some, it was the cleanup song from Barney that most people can still sing word for word today. It is embedded into our subconscious and is there forever. 

In a poll that does not exist about cleaning, I am sure the result would be that most people hate to clean. Cleaning our houses is a daunting task. Cleaning up after our children and our pets is a constant in our lives every day. It is safe to say we at least do an eight-hour shift of cleaning a week, minimum. 

With all the cleaning we do inside our house, why on earth would we want to clean the outside of the house? And with that being said, if people could spend money to get their house cleaned, then why not get a professional company to do your outdoor cleaning seasonally? 

Today we will be discussing the benefits of seasonal cleanups for your property. We will tell you what to do to ensure your DIY project goes smoothly. If you decide you’ve done enough cleaning, the Marathon team will be here to support you with top-notch seasonal cleanup services!   

What do spring cleanups entail?

One of the best “seasons” to do cleanups is the spring. The concept of spring cleanups usually entails getting rid of all the dead leaves and stalks that were not removed in the fall and the ones that came about during the winter season. 

Once all the removal of debris, leaves, and stalks happens then, the real cleaning begins. The most common services that are a part of seasonal cleanups are: 

  • Removal of leaves, weeds, twigs, stalks, and other forms of debris. 
  • Trimming of hedges and shrubs
  • Pruning
  • Edging of plant beds
  • Mulching
  • First lawn cut of the season

These are the most common seasonal cleanup services that you can expect. The cleanups remove all unwanted things from your landscape and jump-start it for its peak season. 

Now that we know the services you can get with spring cleanups, what are its overall benefits? 

What are the benefits of spring cleanups?

Spring cleaning not only makes you feel better and makes your property look better but also aids in its overall curb appeal and your overall property value.

most common seasonal cleanup services

But that’s not all! It does wondrous things to your landscape. 

Removing and cleaning up the dead leaves and debris from your property after the end of the fall and winter seasons allows your landscape to breathe again for the first time since the beginning of the fall. This is the first step in promoting your landscape’s growth for the rest of the season and beyond. 

Power raking, also known as dethatching, is also an important step while doing your spring cleanups as it removes and controls thatch. Removing thatch increases the overall effect that fertilization and watering have on your landscape, which leads to more success and health during the spring season. 

The cleanup also protects your lawn and landscape from a variety of threats that may be lurking under those leaves! It might not look like it, but mold and moisture can be hidden underneath the leaves, and these can cause disease or even the death of your lawn. That is not all that could be taking refuge beneath the leaves. Extra pests that want to damage your plant life can also make their home under the leaves! For this reason, removing leaves and debris from your property also removes various threats and saves you from a lot of damage in the future. 

The first lawn cut you make in the spring season is important. It does not matter if you do it yourself or a business does it for you. The benefits go beyond just making your lawn look well-manicured and clean. It is another step taken to prepare your grass for the spring and summer months to come. It also encourages the overall growth of your landscape. 

What are other additional services I should consider after seasonal cleanups? 

After spring cleanups leave your property looking pristine, fertilizer applications and weed control can keep it looking that way! 

Once weeds find your property, it can be difficult getting them to leave. They will steal nutrients, air, water, and more from your grass and plant life. This can ultimately lead to damage or dead plants on your property. Spraying preemergent lawn applications before the weeds show up can prevent this from happening. 

Fertilizer gives off a boost of nutrients right into the roots of your lawn and allows the grass to grow healthy and get vibrant green. It sends a shock to the system and boosts your landscape. 

Why should I hire a professional to do my seasonal cleanups?

You can do the above-mentioned seasonal cleanups yourself. However, it is a lot of work, and it needs to be done perfectly and accurately to ensure a healthy spring and summer season for your entire landscape. That is a huge responsibility. Like we mentioned before, most people do not want to clean, and you are already cleaning inside your house, so why not leave the rest of the property to professionals. 

Professionals will be able to tell you the best times to do each required service that is fitting to your individual landscape’s needs. They will come in, do the work, leave, and then you will be able to enjoy your landscape without lifting a finger. 

You will also find, by the time you get materials, rent machines, find the free time to get this done on time and scheduled, It will be more time and money than hiring a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. 

So what are you waiting for? Spring is here! Give us a call at Marathon today! 

Marathon Lawn Care is the best choice for residents of the Austin TX area. We also serve North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander. In addition, we serve the following communities within the region:

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