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Is the grass always greener… At your neighbor’s house? Don’t let your neighbor’s lawn steal your lawn’s shine anymore! With summer coming in a month, it’s time to switch up your lawn maintenance routine for the changing seasons. Want to create the best lawn on the block? Follow these 5 steps for a beautiful, healthy lawn this summer:

1. Feed your lawn.

Since it’s still late spring, now is the perfect time to feed your lawn with the appropriate fertilizer before summer. Feeding your lawn helps create a strong root system. This will leave every blade of grass strong enough to last throughout the seasons. If you get ready for your summer lawn maintenance plan now and fertilize accordingly, your future lawn will thank you. 

2. Reseed where it’s needed.

A lawn spotted with dead, brown spots is definitely not what you imagine first when you think of a “vibrant lawn.” It’s important to reseed the dead spots in your lawn maintenance for summer, so you can fill out the unsightly patchy spots. You don’t want a haircut coming out patchy and uneven, and the same goes for your lawn. 

3. Kill the weeds.

Let’s talk about weeds. Not only do they take away the beauty from your lawn, but they also steal nutrients from your grass! They can take away the sunlight and the water your grass was supposed to receive. If you’re planning on the best lawn on the block this summer, be sure to include weeding into your lawn maintenance routine. 

4. Water regularly.

Watering a few times a week helps your grass become healthy, leading to a healthy root system that can hold up through anything. Watering too much, on the other hand, can cause a shallow root system and can cause your grass to turn brown and dormant. Be sure to talk to your local lawn maintenance experts to find out the best watering schedule for your location and climate. 

5. Mow high. 

Some people might assume that a short cut lawn equals a healthy lawn – which is not always true. What is true is that taller grass blades have a better chance at “finding” water and can develop a stronger and healthier root system. Keeping the blades high while doing your lawn mowing is the way to go during the summer.


Are you ready for the lawn of your dreams this summer? The one that makes your neighbors do a double-take? Now is the time to start working on your lawn maintenance plan so you can achieve that.


Our team at Marathon Lawn Care specializes in lawn care in Austin TX, and we are ready to help you meet your goals. 

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