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We hope we did not frighten you when you saw the first part of this blog’s title. Do not worry. This is not a blog about trimming anything other than your landscape. You have to watch those extremely weird commercials if you plan on trimming anything else. It’s not just us, right? Those commercials are weird. 

Anyway, you know what is not weird? Trimming hedges and shrubs on your landscape. Actually, it is a service that is called for and needs to be done for your landscape to look great and feel great. It is almost the same exact feeling you get when you trim your beard. You look like a fresh new man and feel great. That is what happens to your landscape. 

With that said, this week’s blog will be discussing the overall benefits that trimming your hedges and shrubs can have on your landscape and, ultimately you. 

What are some benefits of trimming my hedges and shrubs?

Many benefits come with trimming your hedges and shrubs. We will be discussing the following advantages in this blog: 

  1. Natural Barrier for your landscape
  2. Prevents disease and pests from entering your landscape
  3. Promotes Growth on your landscape
  4. Provides a safe element for you
  5. Gives you control over your landscape
  6. Eye-Popping Value

Are hedges and shrubs natural barriers for my landscape?

Natural barriers for a landscape are more popular than you may think. Things like hedges and shrubs, even trees or bushes, can create natural barriers that are environmentally friendly. Trimming the hedges and shrubs when they are natural barriers is important for multiple reasons. Maintaining them prevents overgrowth and that claustrophobic feel for you and your guests. 

Can trimmed hedges and shrubs impede diseases and pests on my landscape?

Pests and diseases can ruin your landscape. Trimming your hedges, shrubs, trees, and bushes leads to less disease forming. It can also stop pests and insects from creating a living space in your plant life. When your hedges and shrubs are trimmed or pruned, the health of your entire landscape improves drastically. Stopping things such as pests and disease lowers the risk of unhealthy conditions on your landscape. If you do not remove dead or diseased plants or debris from the property, the problem can spread to your healthy plant areas. Trimming the branches that can spread these threats is essential. 

Am I promoting the growth of my landscape by trimming my hedges and shrubs?

Trimming your hedges and shrubs promotes the overall growth of your entire landscape. Once you lower the risk for pest problems and disease, your landscape can thrive. Also, trimming or pruning helps cut away unhealthy branches that are stealing nutrients from the healthy ones. The branches left behind will not need to compete for sunlight, nutrients, air, or water. After the trimming, the plant will ultimately grow more efficiently. 

How do trimming hedges and shrubs create a safe environment?

Maintaining a trim on your hedges and shrubs creates a safer environment that you probably wouldn’t even think of. It is all based on severe weather. When nasty winds and a lot of rainfall come down, it creates a dangerous environment for your landscape. When you trim your hedges, bushes, shrubs, and trees, it decreases the chances of branches snapping off and flying around, damaging your landscape, car, or house. It is crazy that such a small task like trimming can’t prevent such catastrophic damage. 

How do I maintain control of your hedges and shrubs?

You have the capability to control your height and width of your plant life and overall landscape when you trim your hedges and shrubs. You can determine what direction your plant life grows as well. By you doing this, you have the ultimate control and power of your entire landscape. Now just try not to run a dictatorship! trimming hedges and shrubs

What effect does trimming have on my landscape?

When you trim the plant life on your landscape, like hedges and shrubs, you are putting your landscape in its most pristine condition. It has become the best it can be. Not only does that give your entire property a “remodel” or “upgrade,” but it gives it great curb appeal. It creates an eye-popping view for the neighborhood and potential buyers to see. 

To make sure your landscape is always looking its best, it is recommended that you trim your hedges, shrubs, and the rest of your plant life twice a year during the spring and fall seasons. Please keep in mind and do your research on which plant life needs to be trimmed less or more frequently to get the best results. 

Another great way to make sure your landscape is looking great and that your plant life and hedges or shrubs are getting trimmed properly is to hire a professional to do so. Hiring a professional not only frees up your time, but they are skilled and knowledgeable on all things involving trimming. This will allow you to reap all the benefits we mentioned in this blog without lifting a tool. 

When choosing the right professionals for your trimming service or other projects involving your lawn or landscape, look no further! We here at Marathon are the right choice for you and your landscape. 

So give us a call today! 

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If you have any questions about our trimming services or lawn care in general, feel free to give us a call or get in touch with us online today! Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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