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Marathon Lawn Care wants to help North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, Texas, get the most spectacular yards this summer. 

Anyone who has spent summers in Texas knows that although there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this great state, there are also challenges of dealing with that hot, humid weather where you can go for days with temperatures above 90 degrees. Although Texas has had several droughts over the years, it is now seeing some much-needed precipitation which is a great way to help keep those yards looking healthy. With mother nature helping to keep your yard looking its best, we thought we could add some great tips so you have that perfect curb appeal.  

How important is having native plants in your yard?

If you want to jumpstart your yard to have the best growing season, you want to add native plants and trees. The biggest advantage of having native plants during the summer months is that they can withstand the heat and other weather conditions. They require less water, which helps with the overall maintenance of your yard. Did you know that Texas has over 3,192 native plants? That can become overwhelming when trying to choose what will work the best, so that’s why our knowledgeable team wants to help you get started with a few top picks. 

Let’s start with hardiness zones for Texas, which is anywhere from 6-9A. Of course, being in Central Texas, you will want to stay within the zone of 8b, which opens up a beautiful bouquet of colors to your yard. One favorite that will give your property a great year-round color, as long as it doesn’t get too cold, is the Heartleaf Rosemallow. It has a fabulous red hibiscus-type flower that not only is drought-tolerant but also brings that tropical feel to your landscaping. It also benefits from being a perennial, so you only plant once and get to sit back each year and enjoy the vibrant color. Another great accent to any yard is the Yellow Bells or Esperanza, as it too is drought-tolerant and brings spectacular yellow trumpet style blooms to your yard. Can’t you just see the mixture of yellow and red accenting your yard!

Why is choosing the right grass so important?

The key to having your yard look healthy is to maintain your property so that your lawn is the perfect accent to the exterior of your home. Once again, choosing the right grass is half the battle when trying to keep up the outside of your house. If you want drought-resistant warm-season grass, you want to go with the most popular, which is St Augustine. It’s fast-growing grass and is accustomed to thriving in warm weather. You could also install Zoysia or Kentucky Bluegrass, but the St Augustine grass will give you the best results if you have a yard with more shade than the sun. 

Now it’s time to maintain the grass, which is not as easy as you think. First, you never want to mow the grass too short. The best way to have grass retain water and strengthen its root system is to leave it anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 inches in height. This helps the grass to have protection against insects, diseases, and also extreme drought. You also don’t want to mow the grass during the afternoons when you have the hottest conditions, as it can damage the grass. A good rule to follow is you should cut your grass approximately every four days and make sure you never remove more than ⅓ of the height. 

How often do you need to water your yard?

As much as mother nature has been doing a good job of bringing water to Texas, she still needs some help. And what better idea than to have an irrigation system. Did you know that that if you want to keep your yard looking healthy and green, you need approximately an inch of water a week? One way to tell if your lawn is getting enough water is that your footprint will bounce back when you step on your lawn. 

If you want to cover a large section of your yard, then we suggest a sprinkler system. The best advantage of this system is that it runs on different nozzles strategically placed on your property so that every corner will receive the right amount of water. It also works on a timer, so no more worrying about whether you are home or not, as you can control the system directly from your phone. The disadvantage of this system is that some of the water can evaporate on windy days before it even hits the ground. 

One great way to water all those beautiful native plants is to install a drip irrigation system. This differs from a sprinkler system because the water goes directly to the plant’s root, alleviating water sitting on leaves, which can cause damage to your plants. The perfect solution to keep your plants and lawn getting the nutrients it needs is to combine both systems

How do you control weeds in the summer?

Living in Texas, you know that your yard is susceptible to weeds. Whether it’s Carpetweed, dandelions, or Chickweed, no one wants to see their beautiful yard destroyed by unwelcomed visitors. 

Now you could try to apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will stop the weeds before they get started, or a post-emergent treatment that will kill on contact: or the easiest way is to let our knowledgeable team identify the problem and bring you the best solutions for a healthier yard.

Now for the hottest tip of the day!

Grab a chair, your favorite book, and a cold drink while you watch our reliable team handle all your lawn maintenance services. Whether it’s mowing, trimming, edging, fertilization, weed control, mulching, seasonal cleanup, or holiday lighting, our goal is to give your home the perfect curb appeal throughout every season!

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