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Marathon Lawn Care & Services is ready to help the communities of North Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander, Texas, maintain fabulous flowerbeds.  

Take a stroll through any Texas neighborhood, and you will see that one home that has that star-studded quality, with its lush green lawn, colorful flowerbeds, beautiful hardscapes, and spectacular curb appeal. But if you think about what catches your eye the most, it’s probably those vibrant colored flowerbeds that bring your yard to life each season. 

The key to keeping those flowerbeds looking healthy is to provide proper maintenance. In addition, you want to create an environment where you have a burst of colors throughout winter, spring, summer, and fall. That’s where our experienced team is ready to help you accent your lawn with spectacular flowerbeds. We know which plants will thrive during all types of weather and can create a design that will accent your home’s exterior. 

What are the best plants to add to your flowerbeds?

If you are looking to save yourself money and cut down on your yard’s maintenance, you want to choose native plants. When you use native plants, you have a better chance of surviving different weather elements, and they also require less fertilizer and water. You should choose plants that are part of your hardiness zone, which in Texas are Zone 6,7,8, 9A, and 9B. Using plants in your planting zone will help give your yard the jumpstart it needs for a healthy growing season. It also will save you the cost of having plants that will need to be replaced as they weren’t able to adapt to the soil. 

Something to consider when picking your plants is you want to have a mixture of perennials and annuals. The advantage of planting perennials is that you only do it once and reap the benefits year after year. However, a disadvantage is that you may not get blooms throughout the spring and summer, so adding annuals will be the perfect accent to add color during that time. 

A great way to conserve water and help create a balance of nutrients in the soil is to have companion planting in your flowerbeds. This process places certain plants together that require the same sunlight and moisture so that one plant is not fighting for all the nutrients or growing in front of the other, blocking out the sunlight.

If you are looking for some great suggestions for your flowerbeds, then you may want to add a perennial like the Black-Eyed Susan. This plant will bloom from summer until fall, and its yellow daisy blooms make it the perfect accent for your yard. For all you rose lovers out there, you will get outstanding results with double knockout roses. They will continuously bloom from Spring until Fall and usually are disease resistant. With over 3,000 native plants to choose from, let our experienced team help take the guesswork out of which plants will work best in your yard. 

How important is mulching your flowerbeds?

Having your flowerbeds mulched is a critical element to having a healthy yard. Did you know that mulch creates a barrier between the sunlight and the soil, which will help alleviate weeds? If you add organic mulch, you will get the best bang for your buck as it will also decompose into the soil and add nutrients needs for a healthy growing season. 

A few essential tips with mulching is that you don’t want the mulch to sit against the stems of your plants as it can take away much-needed oxygen and create an area where pests and diseases can form and cause damage. You also want to apply two inches of mulch evenly to help keep the moisture in the soil. Another suggestion is to add some decorative stone as a border to your flowerbeds as it gives texture to your yard and will accent that clean, fresh look from the mulch. 

Do you need to regularly water flowerbeds?

Did you know that flowerbeds require approximately one inch of water a week to create a fantastic growing season? One of the best ways to water your plants is to install a drip irrigation system. This system will allow the water to get directly to the plant’s root, which will help strengthen the root system and give it the nutrients needed to flourish. A drip system will also alleviate the spread of diseases as the water doesn’t sit on the leaves of the plants, which can cause extensive damage. Not to mention it also will help to conserve water and save on your monthly water bill. 

How can you get rid of weeds in your yard?

If you ask any gardener, they will tell you that getting rid of weeds is one of the biggest challenges when trying to maintain their yard. The way to get the best results is always to be proactive and try to stay ahead of the weeds by adding a pre-emergent application and follow it with a post-emergent treatment. This will hit the weeds before they start germinating, and then if you do get some that make their way into your garden, you can use a herbicide that will kill on contact.  Be sure to always read labels on herbicides, as you never want to apply anything that can damage plants or your lawn. 

Should you hire a professional lawn maintenance and landscaping service?

Our experienced team knows that proper landscaping and lawn maintenance is the key to enhancing your home and having superior curb appeal. We take pride in working hard and going the extra mile so that your home has that star-quality appearance. We are ready to help you maintain your flowerbeds and have them flourish throughout every season. Let us help you create the perfect accent of color in your yard. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your yard while we provide the best services in town!

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