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Marathon Lawn Care has some exciting tips for Cedar Park, North Austin, and Leander, TX, to increase your home’s value.

Living in Texas, you know that taking pride in your home is a common occurrence. Walk down any street, and you can immediately see how much people enjoy enhancing their homes. 

They may have added a new paver driveway, fire pit, deck, stamped concrete patio, retaining wall, outdoor landscape lighting, paver walkways, or spectacular landscaping. All of which can directly add to the value of your home and give it that perfect curb appeal, but it comes with a price tag, which can sometimes be challenging to achieve.  Our experienced team wants to help you choose ways to increase the value of your home and still stay within your budget. 

Can landscaping add value to your home?

Let’s begin with having the ability to increase the value of your home by 20 percent. It can happen just by having well-maintained landscaping. You want to create a balance of a beautiful lush green lawn with accents of trees and shrubs, all of which enhance your home’s exterior. Another thing to consider is having a spectacular yard is the perfect way to make a great first impression with a potential buyer.  

If you want a quick way to enhance your home and give it a clean, fresh look, adding mulch will be a great option. What makes mulch such an essential part of increasing the value of your home? Let’s just say that it checks all the boxes on so many different areas of your yard. Let’s start with the nutrients it gives the soil by helping it retain water and keep sunlight out to control weeds. Next, it adds texture to your home as there are various colors and styles to choose from, like wood chips, rubber mulch, and stone. Each type brings a layer of color and dimension while adding to the aesthetics of the yard. Lastly, it will give you the best bang for your buck when trying to enhance your home!

Can hardscapes add to the value of my home?

Hardscapes are a great way to increase the value of your home. They are the perfect addition to adding outdoor living space and can provide years of memories while entertaining all your family and friends. Can’t you just see everyone gathering around a deck, patio, or fire pit enjoying a beautiful Texas summer day!

The first area that most homeowners choose to add a hardscape is a patio. Did you know you can get approximately 100% return on your investment when adding a patio? Now you can put in a concrete slab, which will add a different texture to your yard, or if you want to really add to the overall appearance, installing pavers would be your best option. An advantage of a paver patio is that it holds up better to all weather elements and is great for heavy foot traffic. 

Another great area to install pavers is a driveway. The advantage of a paver driveway is, first and foremost, being a great selling point for a potential buyer. It gives your home that star quality and adds to the perfect curb appeal. It also withstands most weather conditions and is excellent for all heavy traffic. Having pavers will also create an even surface so you don’t have to worry about cracks forming and creating areas where people can slip and fall. Depending on the size of your driveway, you can do part of it with concrete and accent it with a paver border, which will cut down on the cost but still increase the value of your home. 

Did you know you can get a 65% return on your investment when adding a fire pit? Usually, when you get a fire pit, it becomes the yard’s focal point, and it brings the perfect atmosphere for all those late-night stories while eating delicious smores. Now there are different types of fire pits: wood or gas. As much as we love the crackling of the fire, it can be a safety issue if you have pets and small children, so you may want to consider installing a gas fire pit. Before putting in a fire pit, always make sure that you keep it away from any landscaping not to create a hazardous area. 

How important is lawn care when trying to increase the value of your home?

Having your yard well-maintained is key to adding value to your home. It can make a big difference to a potential buyer if they pull up to your home and only see a field of weeds or areas of your lawn that have patches of yellow and brown. Did you know that you can increase the value of your home by approximately 15% by having a professional lawn maintenance service? What you always want to be is proactive when maintaining the exterior of your home. This is where having our experienced team keep up with the demands of both lawn care and lawn maintenance will bring you results way beyond any of your expectations. We will identify when is the best time to add fertilization, weed control, overseeding, or aeration. We also provide mowing, blowing, edging, and trimming, all directly helping to keep a healthy yard throughout each season. 

Where do I start when trying to increase the value of my home?

You can add landscaping, paver driveway, patio, deck, fire pit, outdoor lighting, or a retaining wall, but what it comes down to is your budget and which areas will bring you the most value to your home and also the most enjoyment. You could start with proper lawn maintenance, which won’t break the bank and give you outstanding results. Our reliable team is ready to give you the foundation for a spectacular yard and add value to your home!

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