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If you are putting in a new lawn, you’re probably wondering what type of grass you should choose. The answer to this question varies from one homeowner to another. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right grass for your climate and soil type. Here’s what you need to know about the most common types of grass:

1. Zoysia Grass

This grass is perfect for places where there’s a lot of foot traffic. It also tends to be quite resistant to harsh environmental conditions. However, it’s best placed in sunny areas. It’s essential to make sure that you plant it in places that get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.

This grass can tolerate the cold fairly well, but it is primarily a warm-weather grass. It also tends to grow fairly quickly, which makes it a great choice for many homeowners. It has an appearance that’s fairly typical for a lawn, and a vibrant green color.

2. Creeping red fescue

Creeping red fescue has a unique reddish hue at the top if it.  This grass grows long and has a moderate level of tolerance for foot traffic. It grows well in anything from semi-shade to full sun.

It tends to have long blades, and these blades of grass will form a soft layer on your lawn. Trimming this type of grass too short isn’t recommended. While it’s best for areas where people aren’t likely to walk, it can tolerate being stepped on occasionally.

3. Perennial ryegrass

This is a commonly used grass for lawns. It has a fairly high tolerance to foot traffic, and it can grow in a wide range of climates. The blades of this grass tend to be a bit on the wider side, and it can grow as tall as 90 centimeters. However, it can also be trimmed short.

While it can be used for lawns, it is also commonly used in areas that are used for decorative purposes, such as open spaces within gardens. Some golf courses also use this grass, due to its availability, affordability, and tolerance to a wide range of environmental conditions. It’s best to plant this type of grass in the sun.

4. Seashore paspalum

This grass has a fairly high tolerance to foot traffic, and it tends to do best in sunlight. It tends to be an excellent choice for homeowners who live in coastal areas and other regions that have soil with a high salt content.

It does not tend to be very cold-tolerant, and its natural range is subtropical regions. This makes it popular among homeowners in Florida and other regions with a warm climate. It grows relatively quickly, which makes it an attractive option for many homeowners. If you choose to let it grow, it can get as tall as 20 inches!

5. Hybrid Bermuda

This grass tends to grow best in strong sunlight, and it doesn’t tolerate shade well. It’s also best suited to warm climates. If you grow it in a colder climate, it could die off quickly in the winter. It tends to grow rapidly, which makes it perfect for homeowners who need to get their lawn growing right away.

6. St. Augustine

It’s best to plant this grass during the warm season, which is when it grows best. However, unlike many other warm season grasses, it can tolerate shade very well. The only downside of it is that it’s very sensitive to chemicals that are used for weed control. So, you should be cautious when you’re spraying pesticides on it.

7. Kentucky bluegrass

This grass is well suited to cold weather, and is a cool season grass. It’s best to plant it in either full sun or partial shade. Extremely large amounts of sunlight and high temperatures can be damaging to it. It doesn’t tend to be tolerant to drought, which means that you need to water it if conditions begin to turn dry.

It has a unique appearance, which includes a blue-green color. The grass can grow long, but it’s also possible to trim it relatively short.

8. Dwarf tall fescue

If you’re looking for grass that you can trim to an exceptionally short height, this may be the best choice for you. It’s naturally well suited to being mowed short, and it grows best in full sunlight.

This type of lawn has a moderate growth rate. Unfortunately, it does not tolerate large amounts of foot traffic well, which means that it’s best planted in areas where few (if any) people are likely to walk on it. If you live in an area where conditions can become dry, this is a great choice, as it’s drought tolerant.

9. Tall fescue

Tall fescue is a great choice for many homeowners. It tends to grow fairly quickly, but it does not tolerate drought well. Therefore, it’s important to water it if conditions begin to get dry. This grass grows all year, and it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, which makes it perfect for just about any climate.

Tall fescue will sprout green shoots if you let it grow long. It’s a perfect choice for pastures in areas that receive plenty of rainfall. However, it can be mowed relatively short if you’re using it for your lawn. Many homeowners combine it with a small portion of Kentucky bluegrass, which is usually around 15%.

10. Chinese silver grass

Chinese silver grass sprouts tall white shoots, which are similar to the shoots of pampas grass in appearance. It can be grown quite long, and it’s often grown as an ornamental grass rather than being used to create lawns. If you let it grow long, it can reach heights of four meters or more (e.g. around 12+ feet).

It tends to be fairly tolerant to cold temperatures, but it’s seasonal if you live in a cold climate. After it’s exposed to cold temperatures, it may turn brown, but it will come back next season.

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