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Weed control is one of those things that are essential to a healthy environment for your agriculture. Your plants and flowers are not the only things that can benefit from weed control. If you are growing vegetables and fruits in your garden, this can improve their health as well. Before we even get into the benefits or types of weed control, let’s talk about weeds.

Weeds are “plants” that have no nutritional purpose, grow quickly, and do nothing but cause you irritation and problems in your landscape. Is that a direct definition from Webster’s? No, but that definition is based on experience and gets to the point. Weeds end up fighting the rest of your landscape for light, while absorbing all the nutrients and water they can. If that does not irritate you enough, weeds also are poisonous. They can be harmful to your garden and in some cases, to you. They also play host to other diseases and garden pests. Weeds take pride in killing your landscape over long periods of time.

Killer of Weeds

Besides being an awesome name, the name says it all. Weed killers do just what they advertise. They kill weeds. They also go by the name herbicide. What weed killers essentially do is target plants that steal nutrients from other plants.

weed control

Of course, like anything else, there are different types of weed killers. Some pose a danger to everything on your landscape, while others focus on the weeds and leave the rest of the landscape healthy. Some weed killers use chemicals, while others are completely natural. The main thing you have to look out for when choosing a weed killer is an ingredient called glyphosate. This will kill everything. It can also cause spotting, diseased leaves, and the stunted growth of your entire landscape. That’s just minimal damage! So make sure you avoid this ingredient if you want to just remove the weeds and not kill your entire landscape.

Another important tip is to not spray weed killer in windy weather. When completing this task, make sure there is no wind and the air is on the calmer side. Also, make sure if you are pouring your weed killer into your own spray bottle, that you use the same one consistently. Don’t mix bottles. Make sure you rinse the designated spray bottle as well.

Tips on Weed Control

Here is a list of helpful advice we wanted to include to assist you with your weed control:

  • Make sure you are watering your landscape but not your weeds
  • The best time to weed is after a bad rainfall (A LOT OF RAIN)
  • Mulching also helps prevent weeds.
  • Don’t dig in your garden if you don’t have to – that awakens the weeds.
  • Using pre-emergent weed killer will kill weeds before they have a chance to grow.
  • You want to catch and kill weeds before they reach two inches high.

Safety Concerns

A lot of people, and rightly so, want to know if weed killers are safe. We know they aren’t safe for weeds, hence the name, but are these products safe for our pets, children, and food? When it comes to our children and pets, it’s important to be cautious about using chemical-based weed killers. It is highly suggested that people choose natural weed killers instead, or better yet, try to pull out as many weeds as possible, by hand.

choose natural weed killers

Another precaution to take is to use the weed killer in a place and time where there are no children or pets in the vicinity. If you decide ahead of time to use herbicide, wait until a day with no windy conditions and spray the weed killer early in the day. Make sure you take your pet out ahead of time, and once you apply the weed killer, avoid letting your children or pets outside for a long period of time that day.  Try to avoid hanging around outdoors that entire day if possible.

There are not only concerns about children and pets with regards to exposure to herbicides. There are also concerns about food safety, for those growing their own produce. Just like your children and pets, it is also recommended that you avoid toxic chemicals in your food patches. There have been some scientists that have said the toxins, found in these chemical-based weed killers, could potentially lead to reproductive damage, mutation in our cells, and even cancer.

With everything we mentioned in terms of safety, it is highly recommended that you try and avoid chemical-based weed killers in general, but especially in your food to maintain a healthy family. The safety concerns of these weed killers is one of the main reasons why people have pushed for, and we have seen a major rise, in organic foods.

Take Away

Here are the major takeaways from this blog:

Weeds are an annoyance on your landscape and you have to get rid of them before they destroy the plant life on your entire property. Just like most things in life, weed killers come in multiple types and have “side effects”. If possible, try to completely avoid chemical-based weed killers getting near your family, pets, or produce, as they can be dangerous. Herbicides, in general, will help prevent your landscape from developing  weeds and leave it in a healthy condition. Weed killers save you time and prevent you from having to pull all your weeds out by hand.

Again, we are here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, or even want the service done for you, give us a call today!

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