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You want a beautiful, vibrant lawn… But is yours looking dull and overgrown? A beautiful lawn requires time and effort – so it’s important to set up a system to ensure you have the best lawn on the block! Establishing a lawn mowing routine is exactly what you need. Here’s why it’s so important: 

Eliminates and prevents pests.

If your lawn is overgrown, it’s the perfect place for pests to set up camp and take over your lawn. Pests and insects, such as white grubs, can overtake your lawn and end up causing damage. Pests like these can attack your grass at the roots which can cause holes and dead-grass patches – which is definitely not what you want. With a consistent lawn mowing routine, you will be keeping your grass at an appropriate length to prevent these types of infestations.

Your grass will grow healthy and strong.

Just like trimming your hair, trimming your grass brings healthier and stronger new growth. Consistent lawn mowing trims off the weak blades of grass and leaves behind the strong and healthy blades. When you are doing your lawn mowing, you are also keeping your grass at a uniform level. This ensures all of your grass receives the same nutrient absorption, leading to a healthy, happy lawn. 

Boosts your home’s curb appeal.

We all want a beautiful home like the one we saw on the cover of a magazine. As a homeowner, you made an investment when you bought your home – so you want it to look the best it can. Not only does establishing a lawn mowing routine make for a healthy lawn, it boosts your homes curb appeal. A uniform, well-maintained, lawn gives off a great look that shows you care about your property.


It can take a lot of work and effort to establish a lawn mowing routine, and we understand that. 


Marathon Lawn Care knows that your lawn is important to you, because it’s a reflection of your home. Our team knows the exact way to make your lawn stand above the rest this spring! Get your free lawn care quote from Marathon Lawn Care today! 

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